Michael gets love from MAFS fans as he shares behind-the-scenes snaps from his wedding

MAFS star Michael Shiakallis screenshot
Michael Shiakallis reflects on his wedding. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michael Shiakallis is reflecting on his unorthodox marriage to Chloe Brown, and he recently posted some behind-the-scenes snaps from their special day.

It’s been an interesting journey to the altar for the Married at First Sight groom, who became part of a historic season–through no fault of his own.

Denver marked the first time in the past 16 seasons that the show has ever had a runaway bride, and unfortunately, she was matched with Michael.

The excited groom waited at the altar for the mystery woman meant to be his wife, but she never showed up, and her identity was never revealed.

Midway through the season, the guilt-ridden experts gave Michael a do-over and matched him with Chloe Brown.

Thankfully, his second bride made it down the aisle, and the pair had a fun wedding attended by the other Season 17 couples.

Michael shares behind-the-scenes snaps from his MAFS wedding to Chloe Brown

Michael has been feeling nostalgic, and he shared a video showing his favorite moments from his wedding day.

The video features the stunning decor and other details from the event, along with some special moments between Michael and Chloe.

The video was originally shared by the company that filmed the couple’s special day and was captioned, “Our favorite scenes and photos you might’ve missed from Chloe and Michael’s wedding…”

The MAFS star later reshared the post on Instagram and wrote, “Memories Captured 🎥 BTS.”

Michael’s followers are hopeful it will work out with Chloe

Meanwhile, if you’ve been watching the show and reading the comments, you’ll know that MAFS fans have no faith in Chloe and Michael’s marriage.

However, his Instagram followers are convinced that they make a great couple, and they’re rooting for things to work out.

“My favorite couple on MAFS🤩 I continued to watch waiting for an update on you and I’m glad I continued to watch… wishing so much happiness and love ♥️,” wrote one commenter.

“You guys look so happy ❤️🥲 wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness….and babies😁,” said someone else.

One of Michael’s Instagram followers told him, “Yes you two are my favorite people, and love you both. I do hope you stay together.”

MAFS fans send love to Michael Shiakallis.
Pic credit: @_mikeyishere_/Instagram

Someone else reiterated that sentiment, adding, “I hope you two stayed together! Michael your smile would brighten up any room!”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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