Michael Jessen shares his favorite 90 Day Fiance moment, reveals end to reality TV career

Michael, ex-wife Sarah, and current wife Juliana at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All. Pic credit: TLC
Michael, ex-wife Sarah, and current wife Juliana at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Michael Jessen from 90 Day Fiance has revealed his favorite moment from his time on the show — and suggested that he and his family are done with reality TV for good.

The 42-year-old divorced father, from Connecticut, was introduced to us last season. He made his living as a wine investor, which led to his attending many extravagant yacht parties.

It was at one of those parties where he met his now-wife Juliana, a 23-year-old Brazilian model, and the two filed for the K-1 visa.

Michael and his ex-wife Sarah have an unusual relationship. The two co-parent their two kids, Max and Cece, but seem to be much closer than typical exes.

They pride themselves on their friendly relationship and Sarah was prominently featured throughout the season.

Ex drama becomes the focus

Unsurprisingly, Sarah and Juliana’s relationship was a focus of much of the season. Sarah was concerned about Michael and Juliana’s age difference, how Juliana would do as a step-parent, and what would happen if the couple didn’t work out. It was Sarah who suggested that Michael and Juliana get a prenup, leading to big drama for the couple.

Luckily for the kids, Sarah and Juliana ended up getting along marvelously despite Sarah’s initial suspicions. Throughout Michael and Juliana’s engagement, Sarah spent a lot of time with Juliana and the two grew close.

“I could just see that she had strong family values,” Sarah said of Juliana, “and she would not get into a situation like this with kids and hurt them.” Juliana even said that Sarah is among her best friends in America and like a sister to her.

Interestingly, Sarah also recently tied the knot for the second time. She married hip hop artist Sean Naso back in November. And while there was drama during the season, the big (and growing!) family seemed pretty happy at the 90 Day Tell All.

An end for TV for this family?

Michael and Sarah are active on social media, and on Friday Michael revealed his favorite moment of the show — the end of it. He posted a picture of his whole family — Max, Cece, Juliana, and Sarah — at the Tell All, with the caption “Our favorite moment on @90dayfiance.” He added, “A wonderful way to finish our experience with reality TV.”

At the Tell All, Max and Cece made an adorable appearance. Tell All host Shaun Robinson interviewed the two kids and they offered advice to the couples. Max revealed that Tania and Syngin are his favorite couple on the show (aside from his dad and stepmother), while Cece said she liked Mike and Natalie.

The photo Michael posted came from that brief interview, and Max and Cece’s appearance, wasn’t just his favorite moment, either. Many fans loved seeing the kids look so happy with their family.

However, the second part of Michael’s caption, “a wonderful way to finish our experience with reality TV,” has raised eyebrows with 90 Day viewers.

It appears that he’s breaking the news that his family are done with reality TV for good — and will no longer be a part of the franchise or any other program.

While we’ve heard rumors about other couples appearing on future seasons and spin-offs, this family hasn’t been spotted shooting. The Jessens will certainly be missed.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c.

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