Meredith Marks has reconciled with Seth, RHOSLC couple called off separation and claim show saved marriage

Meredith Marks films for RHOSLC
RHOSLC star Meredith Marks. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks confirms that she and her husband Seth are back together after years of dating on and off.

“We love each other,” Meredith prefaces her announcement PEOPLE. “He’s my best friend and he always will be.”

“We decided to try and start over,” she reveals to the outlet. “We just hit some blips in the road and needed to regroup and reconnect.”

Currently, on RHOSLC, Meredith and her husband are separated, and the upcoming episode teases the other women gossiping about Meredith possibly seeing another man.

Meredith seemingly shuts down those rumors and explains where they might’ve come from.

“While we have had many other separations in the past and at times dated other people, last winter during filming we were not dating other people and we very focused to see if we could repair our relationship,” she adds.

While the Real Housewives franchise has seen plenty of divorces over the year, Meredith reveals that she believes filming for RHOSLC actually improved her marriage.

“It sounds crazy, but Real Housewives of Salt Lake City saved my marriage,” Meredith admits. “The show really forces you to be very introspective and really think about the things you say and how they impact other people.”

She also shares that the quarantine helped her and Seth grow closer together.

“I’m probably the only one on this earth who can honestly say that Real Housewives coupled with COVID saved my marriage,” she notes.

Meredith has previously called her marriage ‘volatile’

Meredith’s marriage update comes less than a month after she admitted to PEOPLE that she initially thought her marriage was not salvageable.

She claims that just before they split, they both didn’t think they would be able to fix their marriage.

She claimed that at times it was “intense” and “volatile” and that they were “headed in a dark space.”

She also confessed that it wasn’t the first time they had separated and considered their marriage an “on-again-off-again” relationship.

How Meredith’s separation plays into Season 1 of RHOSLC

Meredith and Seth’s separation was initially revealed during a tense dinner scene.

They were giving a try at “dating each other again” but couldn’t get past the topic of who knows about their separation and whether Meredith was secretly texting someone else.

Meredith’s bestie Lisa Barlow was the first cast member she told on the show.

However, that doesn’t mean other Housewives didn’t already know about the separation.

Jen Shah hinted to her costar Whitney Rose that Meredith was “getting some on the side” and that she knew because Meredith had told her.

She also let it slip to Heather Gay that Meredith and her husband were separated and claimed that Meredith had a secret boyfriend.

The latest preview shows that it’ll be a prominent subject in the upcoming episode.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesday at 10/9c on Bravo.

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