Married at First Sight Red Wine Recap: In-Laws, Mexico, and Mezcal, Oh My!

Married at First Sight couple Woody and Amani talking
Married at First Sight Season 11 couple Woody and Amani get ready for their Mexican honeymoon on last night’s episode. Pic credit: Lifetime

Monsters and Critics columnist Liz Long recaps Married at First Sight, New Orleans, Season 11, Episode 1104, What Happened Last Night, with a little help from a glass of pinot (or two) …

Greetings my MAFS-Lovers! And welcome to your weekly recap of Married at First Sight, Season 11, where we drink wine but don’t have to because this season is that entertaining on its own!

Now that all five couples of ours are married (thank the Lord we all made it!), it’s time to brunch with the in-laws! Once that is over with, we’ll have a little debriefing sesh, and then it’s off to Mexico, baby! Because it’s honeymoon time!

Got the itinerary? Good. Let’s recap.

Though we are only in episode 4, the potential strengths and weaknesses of our couples are really starting to shine through!

So I’m just gonna go ahead and take the liberty of ranking our couples from strongest to weakest thus far. And I stress … THUS FAR. Also, if you don’t agree, please blame this Mezcal I’m drinking. Or is it a Moscow mule? Oh where’s Christina when you need her.

Bennett & Amelia: Two puzzle pieces in a pod

MAFS couple bennett and amelia
Pic credit: Lifetime

As Amelia’s mom told Bennett, these two really seem like two puzzle pieces in a pod. Like, it’s weird how connected they are. Now I don’t use the word “soulmates” too often–or, at least, I abandoned it long ago–but if I did, these two are it.

From their impromptu singing while removing wedding dresses and packing, to being a “carrot” in a golden nightgown, to bonding over the word “pinnacle,” these two are an absolute joy to watch.

Married at First Sight Bennett showing Amelia his golden nightgown trick
“I think we’re flirting. Flirting’s just having fun. Yeah. I think we’re flirting.” Pic credit: Lifetime

Not surprising, brunch with the in-laws seemed like just another casual Sunday for them.

Of course, there were a few hiccups. Like when Bennett’s sister said Bennett doesn’t believe in having biological children because it’s unethical. And when Amelia’s mom pressed Bennett about his comfort level of moving if Amelia’s residency ends up in a “random place.”

But the pair handled it with ease. Yes, Bennett wants to control the people population, but if having a little bambino of his own would make wifey happy, then he’s “open” to it. Likewise, if adopting a child is in the cards, Amelia is open to that. And, speaking of children, can we just take a moment for their awesome joke before take-off?

MAFS couple Amelia and Bennett taking a selfie on airplane, smiling
“WE’RE EXPECTING! … A GOOD TIME!” Pic credit: Lifetime

Openness, musicality, carrot nightgowns, and humor? Do we need anything more? I think not!

And speaking of openness, do I spy one little “Ms. Reservations” Karen starting to let down some of her walls … why, I do believe I do …

Karen & Miles: A Slow Burn

MAFS couples Woody and Amani and Karen and Miles in hotel room
“I’m really tired guys.” Pic credit: TLC

Now I can’t believe I’m putting Karen and Miles ahead of Woody and Amani tonight–what with all their crazy chemistry on their wedding night and all–but Karen and Miles stepped it up tonight.

Is it possible that Woody and Amani are the ones who start with a bang and fizzle while Karen and Miles are the tiny spark that ignites? (Suddenly Brett’s dad is springing to mind.)

Of course, I started this episode wanting to shake Karen, telling her to either lighten up or at least, wake up! For the love, even when Woody and Amani came knocking on their hotel door, broomstick and diary cam in hand, Karen still couldn’t get up out of that bed.

But God love Miles. First of all, he fell asleep rubbing her feet. Second, he didn’t forget to give her a Ricola, per sister’s instructions. Finally, we learn that he took out all her bobby pins before bedtime. This patience and attention is just what Karen needs.

Married at First Sight Miles talking to Karen's mom
Miles explains he’s a good guy to Karen’s mom. But he already won her over. Pic credit: Lifetime

Thank goodness these actions did not fall on deaf ears for Clair Huxtable, I mean, Karen’s mom. (Kudos to the person who pointed out the strong similarities in their voices and demeanors!)

By the end of brunch, Karen’s mom went from “I don’t believe in this process” and “this is insanity, Karen” to being Miles’s biggest fan: “Miles, if Karen doesn’t like you, I think I’m gonna have a talk with her.” Did I even hear her call him “Sweetie”!?! Thank God mamma has finally seen the light! She is all we need in our back corner.

And speaking of moms, Karen’s meeting with Miles’s mom went something like this: *Karen pouring creamer into her coffee*, Miles’s mom: “How do you feel about submission?”

Get your minds out of the gutter, guys. We aren’t talking S&M here. And, for the record, Karen prefers Miles be the head of household … just as long as she’s the neck. (Something both mamma bear and Karen could agree on!) So we have that going for us too.

The next day, and possibly in one of my favorite moments of the episode for some reason, Karen pulls out this look:

Married at First Sight couple Karen and Miles hugging in bathroom
“DANG, GIRL!” Pic credit: Lifetime

And I freaking love it. Not only does she look drop-dead gorgeous in these braids, but she is subtly showing Miles a whole new side to her. And, I’m sorry, but was she also flirting a little and having fun under that big floppy hat at the airport?

I see you, Karen. Don’t think I don’t.

Then, in Mexico, Karen recounts all the food she ate: I had potatoes, shrimp, baby potatoes, potatoes with the herbs on it, Bubba Gump shrimp … and Miles loves this. She is retaining just enough mystery and staying feminine but is giving him just enough, which, thank GOD, included her phone number. If she didn’t do that, these two wouldn’t have been at this number two slot.

Because though I spy a few cracks, Woody and Amani are still riding high!

Woody & Amani: The Randall Way

You guys know, after the last couple weeks, these two became a fast favorite. It’s just one little thing is causing me some concern right now …. What was it again?
Oh yeah, when Amani asked what Woody is like when he’s upset, this was mom’s response:
Married at First Sight Woody's mom tells Amani she has seen the devil come out of him
Say what now? Pic credit: Lifetime
Just some casual conversation over tea and croissants. Now I’m not sure what’s worse. The fact that your new husband smacks his food or that there is a tiny little devil residing in him.
Mom wanted to know how Amani would calm Woody down when his little Baby Lucifer decides to come out and play, but Amani stood firm: “I do not do well with people yelling. You can come back to me once you can talk to me how I want to be talked to.”
I love this about Amani. What I love even more is that she recognizes it takes two to argue and that her calm demeanor won’t allow things to escalate. I think she is just what Woody needs, but my worry-meter is still rising …
It doesn’t help that Woody could barely look at Amani’s family over brunch and seemed like he was in a rush to just get out of there! I have to go and talk about “what are your intentions with my daughter” blah blah blah. Oh, and he dropped this gem: “My past relationship didn’t work out because we both cheated.”
Married at First Sight Woody looking down while Amani's dad looks disappointed
Pic credit: Lifetime
Mic drop. Nooooooo Woody! You can disappoint me. But please don’t disappoint my once-smiling Marlo!!!!!
Nonetheless, Woody assured the family he likes their daughter and made it out alive. I still love Woody, but, yeah, I’m getting a little nervous. Is he out for just a good time? (Remember the tears and cousin’s speech, Elizabeth. Remember those.) Plus, Woody did say he’s had counseling for his anger issues, which also comforts my worried soul.
They also had this great honeymoon moment:
Married at First Sight Woody taking a selfie
Pic credit: Lifetime
“I knocked two notches off sweets’ chastity belt and I wasn’t even trying to get a notch!” (The two notches were a result of Amani realizing that Woody journals and the hashtag he came up with for them: #The Randall Way (aka, their own way of doing things.) I love this. I love that Amani loves these things. And I love them … still. Just stop worrying me, guys!

Olivia & Brett: It’s fine. Just fine.

Married at First sight couple Olivia and Brett taking a selfie
Pic credit: Lifetime

And now for the rest. You guys, nothing is particularly wrong about Olivia and Brett. It’s just that there’s nothing too exciting either. Olivia seems like she got straight A’s in school, and this marriage is no different for her. She is going to get an “A” in marriage too if it’s the last thing she does! God love her.

To my dismay, she continues to lead the conversation, but Brett continues to appreciate her “femininity” and let us not forget … GRACE(!). So who am I to criticize as I sip this Mezcal … the two genuinely seem to be getting along just fine… as in, fine. Like mediocre. Fine.

MAFS Olivia talking to Brett's brothers
“We researched you. As in, did like a full background check.” Pic credit: Lifetime

One puzzling thing though: Brett’s parents have yet to make an appearance since the premiere. For the brunch, Olivia was stuck with the basic dude crew again. No mention of his parents since he told her they don’t like being on camera.

Yet during their little post-brunch chat, Olivia and Brett marveled at how “well it’s going with their parents.” Just an observation, but could this foreshadow a potential inability of Brett to go deep? Man, I’m either a genius or this Mezcal is messing with my head!

In Cancun, the vanilla wafers are looking forward to laying in their comfy bed and might even do a “cheesy dinner” on the beach while Brett wears his “cheesy” Hawaiian shirt.

To each their own, but it’s times like these I am so grateful we have clever characters such as Amelia and Bennett to deliver us from mediocrity. Well that, and this Mezcal I’m starting to grow very fond of.

Christina & Henry: A new passport stamp can’t save you now

MAFS Christina talks with her hands up
Christina excitedly talks about the reclining seats in first class with Henry’s family. Pic credit: Lifetime

Okay, you guys, I’m really trying here to go with Henry, but … yeah … um, yeah …

I honestly think Christina is trying here! She’s jovial with the folks. She looks forward to breaking Henry out of his shell and showing him foreign countries. In fact, best thing about Henry so far? That his friends like her!

Misguided though she may be, I think Christina so desperately wants a husband–she’s willing to believe anything right now! How long can she watch Henry awkwardly pick at rose petals on the bed or endure one-word answers?

Sadly, Henry’s awkwardness might be a byproduct of dad (which don’t get me started), but we are going to need more here if this relationship has a fighting chance.

Even with her family, Henry continued the awkward silence …

Married at First Sight's Henry sitting at lunch table with Christina's family
Pic credit: Lifetime

Christina’s Aunt: “Christina’s love language is communication.”

Mom: “Yes, you need to be transparent.”

Drunk Me: “Hang on there, mom. We are on step 1. Communication. As in, you actually have to have words coming out your dang mouth.”

I mean, what am I missing here? How does Henry have a gaggle of loud female friends and shake it off at T. Swiftie concerts when this is all we’re getting here? It seems as though Christina is just going to resign herself to making Henry her little project and will corrupt him with culture.

Married at first sight Christina and Henry cheersing
Christina teaches Henry about the difference between Mezcal and a Moscow Mule. Pic credit: Lifetime

But his “first meal in Mexico” and “first stamp on his passport” is going to lose its luster quick. Like real quick. As in, it already died the minute he took a second bite of his taco.

We shall see, but I can’t say I’m optimistic about this pair. For the rest, I remain hopeful! I’m now off to become a cocoon in the largest sized nightgown I can find. After all this Mezcal, it just sounds like a good time. Til next week, my MAFS-Lovers!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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