Maria Georgas takes aim at Wells Adams over The Bachelorette claims

Maria Georgas and Wells Adams
Maria Georgas hit back at Wells Adams over The Bachelorette claims. Pic credit: ABC

Maria Georgas has ruffled a few feathers in Bachelor Nation.

It seems some Bachelor franchise alumni aren’t impressed with claims she made on the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alex Cooper last week.

It started with her friend, Nick Viall, speaking out after Maria claimed she suspected him of setting her up for a feud with Sydney Gordon on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

Nick made it clear that he had nothing to do with the drama after Maria claimed a photo of Nick and Sydney made her suspicious. His new wife, Natalie Joy, called Maria “delusional.”

Before entering The Bachelor mansion, Maria was friends with Nick, and Sydney was friends with Ashley Iaconetti, which made the situation suspicious.

But there’s also drama with Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorite, Wells Adams.

Maria Georgas’ Bachelorette claims did not align with Wells Adams’ insight

Wells Adams is a Bachelor Nation favorite and clearly has some insight about the goings on with the shows.

He also dishes about it on his podcast, Your Favorite Thing, with Brandi Cyrus.

Before Maria’s Call Her Daddy appearance, Wells shared that Maria’s stint on The Bachelorette didn’t happen, not because she opted out, but because production decided she just wasn’t worth all the hassle.

So when Maria claimed on her podcast appearance that backing out of The Bachelorette was her choice, she took aim at Wells Adams.

Maria blasted Wells, saying. “To hear that from somebody who knows this process, who knows how intense it is, knows how mentally draining and physically draining it can be…”

She continued by calling Wells out for commenting that she’d soon be “forgotten” since she wasn’t The Bachelorette, questioning if he’d been forgotten since he was never The Bachelor.

Now we’re really hoping that Bachelor in Paradise does make a return soon and if it does, please let Maria Georgas be on it so we can see Wells and Maria face to face!

Maria Georgas criticized over Bachelorette claims

Nick Viall and Wells Adams have either claimed or questioned Maria’s removal from The Bachelorette, with both of them bringing up production demands and suggesting that some stars just aren’t worth all the drama of leaving them in the lead role.

As for the fans of Bachelor Nation – many weren’t thrilled to hear Maria confirm she was offered the spot because it’s Jenn Tran’s role now.

After all, Daisy Kent was offered The Bachelorette on-air on After the Final Rose and she turned it down. Now, Maria either turned it down or was possibly talked into turning it down, making Jenn the third choice for the role at best.

While there’s no doubt that she’ll make an amazing Bachelorette lead, it’s still a shadow cast over her new role as some viewers will watch and criticize as they consider Daisy or Maria better choices.

The Bachelorette Season 21 premieres on Monday, July 8 at 8/7c on ABC.

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Joy Elkins
Joy Elkins
4 days ago

The best thing that Bachelor mation can do is to totally forget that Maria ever existed.
She was the worst bachelorette contestant ever. If she had been the next Bachelorette, I would not have watched. one show.
Besides being obnoxious, she was just plain uglÿ.

3 days ago

Maria is a pain and Wells is a great guy.