Natalie Joy calls out ‘delusional’ Maria Georgas for Nick Viall The Bachelor conspiracy

Natalie Joy selfie
Natalie Joy isn’t staying quiet after Maria Georgas’ comments. Pic credit: @nataliejoy/Instagram

Maria Georgas’ recent podcast appearance has landed her in some hot water.

While opening up to Alex Cooper on Call Her Daddy, Maria talked about her friendship with Nick Viall.

She provided a timeline showing how they were just friends, but that’s not why Nick’s new bride, Natalie Joy, is speaking out now.

During the chat, Maria talked a lot about Sydney Gordon and the bullying drama on The Bachelor.

Then, she confessed that she thought at one point that Nick may have helped plan to make her the season’s villain.

After a photo of Sydney and Nick was shared, Maria got a bit paranoid.

After all, Sydney is friends with Ashley Iaconetti, and Ashley is friends with Nick.

Natalie Joy says Maria Georgas is delusional

While Nick tried not to come right out and take aim at Maria Georgas during the chat on The Viall Files earlier this week, Natalie Joy wasn’t so careful.

Nick danced around the idea that maybe it wasn’t Maria who ended her ill-fated Bachelorette run and said he heard she might be difficult to work with, comparing her to Clare Crawley.

Then, Nick defended himself against the notion that he may have contributed to Maria’s getting most of the screentime on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

“That is true, long ago I did tell Maria — because Maria used to always ask me to get her on the show — and I did tell her that I could see her being the villain,” Nick said.

He continued, “And somehow that turned into Maria thinking that in my zero free time and not knowing that she was on the show that somehow I made it my mission to[set her up].”

Nick also pointed out that Maria wasn’t the villain, but rather the fan-favorite of the season, which is likely why she was asked to be The Bachelorette in the first place.

That’s when Natalie interjected and said, “It’s just giving delusional, honestly, at the end of the day.”

Maria Georgas blasted for The Bachelorette comments

If Maria Georgas was trying to get Bachelor Nation talking about her again, she was successful.

She probably didn’t appreciate the amount of criticism she would get when she went on the Call Her Daddy podcast, though.

While chatting with Alex Cooper, Maria admitted that she was offered The Bachelorette role and accepted it. However, she had a change of heart because she was just not ready at that point.

Many Bachelor viewers were upset because, as her father said in an earlier podcast, this is Jenn Tran’s season, and she will do a fabulous job.

By confirming she actually did have the role, it also confirmed that Jenn Tran was at least third choice to be the lead for the upcoming season and it just didn’t need to be shared.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, July 8 at 8/7c on ABC.

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