Maria Georgas blasted for revealing The Bachelorette offer, proving Jenn Tran was third choice

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas is getting some hate after her Bachelorette reveal. Pic credit: ABC

Maria Georgas spilled a lot of tea during her recent podcast appearance.

She also answered a burning question that Bachelor Nation really wanted to know.

While appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Maria told Alex Cooper that she was, indeed, offered The Bachelorette role.

She even confirmed that she had accepted the top spot and would have been handing out roses this summer. Maria had even begun the wardrobe process.

But then, she turned The Bachelorette down, and that’s ultimately why Jenn Tran was announced as our Bachelorette following Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

It’s not new news, as one of Maria’s The Bachelor co-stars also confirmed she was offered the spot, but now that Maria said the quiet part out loud, she’s catching a bit of heat for it.

Maria Georgas called ‘tacky’ for talking about The Bachelorette

While Maria Georgas’ The Bachelorette offer was an open secret, it seems that her finally confirming it doesn’t sit well with everyone.

After admitting she accepted and turned down the role on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Bachelor Nation reacted, and an X (formerly Twitter) user took aim.

They wrote, “I think it’s pretty tacky how Maria is publicizing she was offered the Bachelorette role. How is that supposed to make Jenn feel that she was the 2nd or 3rd choice? We all knew that but maybe don’t go on one of the most popular podcasts in the world & blab about it.”

Others felt vindicated after Bachelor Nation erupted at the thought that Maria may have been overlooked and that Jenn was offered the spot instead.

Another X user wrote, “All those ‘fans’ hated on Jenn because they thought Maria wasn’t offered Bachelorette. Guarantee they won’t follow up with ‘they were wrong’ messages smh.”

Yet another X user called out those who claimed Jenn was only given the role due to her race. They wrote “a big [middle finger emoji] to all the racists who said Jenn only got bachelorette because she’s not white. I’m thrilled to see that Jenn, Daisy, and Maria are all on their best individual paths in life and I look forward to Jenn’s season!

Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson to appear on Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette

The Bachelor fans who are missing their favorite women from Joey’s season can breathe easy knowing that we will see some of them pop up on Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette.

Last month, Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson were spotted filming their appearance in a Wicked-inspired group date they will host.

The two good friends, who met and bonded while trying to win over Joey, were dressed to the nines as they stood in the middle of a street. Kelsey wore an emerald green gown, and Daisy wore hot pink.

It’s not uncommon for popular cast members from previous seasons to pop up and host group dates and other fun moments on the upcoming shows so we expect to see even more familiar faces when The Bachelorette begins to air.

The Bachelorette will air in the summer of 2024 on ABC.

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