Maria Georgas’ friendship with Nick Viall may be over after The Bachelor villain claims and his clap back

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas is getting called out for claims she made last week. Pic credit: ABC

Maria Georgas may have made an enemy after her latest podcast appearance.

Last week, The Bachelor’s most popular cast member (aside from Joey Graziadei) spilled a lot of tea with Alex Cooper on the Call Me Daddy podcast.

She dished on all the behind-the-scenes dirt, including her feud with Sydney Gordon.

Maria also revealed that she was longtime friends with The Bachelor star Nick Viall before Joey’s season even started.

That’s why when the season started airing, and she realized that Sydney Gordon also had a friend in Bachelor Nation, she got a little paranoid.

Maria revealed that after a photo op featuring Sydney and Nick surfaced, she suspected that maybe he and Sydney’s close friend, Ashley Iaconetti may have had a hand in the girl feud that she really didn’t want to be involved in.

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy compare Maria Georgas to Clare Crawley

After Maria suggested that Nick Viall may have played a part in her becoming a Bachelor villain, he and Natalie Joy clapped back.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Viall Files podcast, Nick and Natalie compared Maria to Clare Crawley — and not in a good way.

Nick shared, “I also heard from some friends of ours who are close to the source that filming with her was close to filming with Clare Crawley.”

That’s when his guest, Josh Peck, responded, “Guessing it was a little tough with Clare.”

And yes, filming Clare was very difficult and no one from Bachelor Nation has forgotten how she left midseason because she was so sure about Dale Moss.

Nick, who was friends with Maria previously but may not be after all of this dust settles, quipped that Clare was “famously the only Bachelorette who quit a week into filming,” and then added, “which kind of tracks, I mean, Maria quit even before filming started.”

He’s talking about Maria Georgas being The Bachelorette, as she revealed last week that she was asked to take the lead role and she even accepted before realizing she just wasn’t ready and then walking away.

Nick Viall says Maria Georgas told ‘her truth’

It seems Nick Viall isn’t convinced by Maria Georgas’ story about accepting The Bachelorette role and then quitting.

“I think that’s definitely Maria’s truth,” Nick said.

“In my experience with the show — I don’t know anything specific about what happened with Maria and the show and why she turned it down — but in my experience, the few instances where someone was meant to be the lead and in the last minute there was a switch, I only know that experience from when the show decided that the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.”

While Nick didn’t come right out and call Maria a liar, he does make it sound like maybe Maria’s decision to step down from The Bachelorette wasn’t entirely her own.

Either way, Jenn Tran will make a wonderful lead and we’re looking forward to seeing her shine in July.

The Bachelorette returns on Monday, July 8 at 8/7c on ABC.

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