Malia White reveals Tom Checketts moment she didn’t think Below Deck Med cameras captured

Below Deck Mediterranean's Malia White dished a private moment she thought cameras did record.
Malia thought she had privacy on Below Deck Med even though it was not her first time on the show. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White has shared the Tom Checketts moment she didn’t realize Below Deck Mediterranean cameras captured.

It comes as a bit of a surprise there would be a moment Malia thought was private considering the number of cameras on The Wellington. Malia did sign up for a reality TV show, and this isn’t her first rodeo on the hit Bravo show.

However, the bosun has admitted she assumed a conversation between her and Tom was not filmed, only to learn there as a GoPro camera on them.

A private moment is not so private

Tom has had several meltdowns during his short stint on Below Deck Med. He has thrown a tantrum over making a cake, cucumbers, frozen fish, and other provisions.

The quality of food Tom received has been a sore spot for him. Viewers watched on a recent episode as Malia defied Captain Sandy Yawn and kept entering the galley to calm down her then-boyfriend.

Malia thought she had a chance to calm Tom down in the oversized walk-in freezer before the cameras captured all the galley drama. It turns out that was not the case.

“There’s one moment where Tom’s in the big walk-in freezer, and he’s having a full meltdown. I like walk-in, and I don’t think there’s any cameras. I’m like, ‘Tom, you need to lock it up, and get out there! And then I look up, and there’s a GoPro. I was like, s**t,” Malia explained during the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show.

Not easy have Tom on Bravo show

Malia admitted having Tom on Below Deck Mediterranean was actually her worst nightmare. It was hard for her to manage her job as the first female bosun on the series and make sure Tom was okay.


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As fans know, Tom and Malia have broken up. They are keeping details of the split quiet. Malia essentially blamed it on the yachting industry and long-distance. She has also hinted that perhaps Tom was not faithful during their time together.

Season 5 has been full of ups and downs, leaving fans with strong opinions on Malia, Tom, and Captain Sandy Yawn. There are only a couple of episodes left before the finale. It is hard to imagine any more OMG moments coming from the season, but Bravo does tend to save the best for last with its shows.

Fans will get a full breakdown and cast reaction regarding the season at the Below Deck Med Season 5 reunion show. Malia White will no doubt have many more revelations like the private moment between her, and Tom Checketts she didn’t think was on camera.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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