MAFS Where are they now: Season 7’s Danielle and Bobby Dodd

MAFS Danielle and Bobby talk in bed.
MAFS Danielle and Bobby are in love. Pic credit: Lifetime

Where are Bobby and Danielle Dodd now? Living their best lives, that’s where.

Ok, maybe not their best lives all day every day, but they are still together, still in love and their family has now expanded to include two kids and a dog.

Danielle and Bobby Dodd enjoy family life

MAFS Season 7’s Danielle and Bobby Dodd said “I do” on Decision Day and have said “I do” every day since. The couple has been together ever since their Season 7 MAFS marriage and is still going strong.

MAFS keeps up with Danielle and Bobby through the Couples Cam series and has followed the couple through everything from being newlyweds to new parents to being new parents of two.

Bobby and Danielle started off their family with their daughter Olivia and shortly after, announced they were expecting baby number two.

The couple soon welcomed their new baby, a son they named after Bobby, his father and grandfather, who the family affectionately calls “Little Bobby.”

The entire family recently went on a beach vacation and Danielle gushed on her Instagram post that she “loved her little family.”

Danielle and Bobby work on finding a happy medium

While Danielle and Bobby are basking in their blissful family life, there are still a few struggles that have come up.

Danielle had always said as early as the couple’s honeymoon that she had not wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and would really struggle in that role. It turns out that foreshadowing came true, as recently stay-at-home mom Danielle hit her breaking point.

A recent Couples Cam episode revealed that Danielle was struggling to balance all her responsibilities and felt like she just couldn’t go on with the way things had been going. After her realization, she sat Bobby down and let him know that things had to change.

Bobby agreed and gave Danielle the day off from mommy duty while also hiring a housecleaner to help with the home responsibilities. Danielle was very appreciative and the two seemed happy with the decision.

It’s the type of struggle that many parents have had to deal with, especially during the pandemic, but that didn’t stop what Danielle calls “mommy shamers” from firing at her for her call for help. Danielle wasn’t having it and fired right back at those that criticized her for needing help juggling all her roles and responsibilities.

Regardless if fans did not understand Danielle’s need for assistance, Bobby, as usual, was right there, front and center for his wife and made sure that she felt loved and supported.

This is a perfect example of what makes this Season 7 couple a fan favorite, both then and now and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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