MAFS Season 15 alum Krysten Collins is dating a new man after divorce from Mitch

MAFS star Krysten Collins screenshot
Krysten Collins is seeing someone new after her divorce. Pic credit: Lifetime

Krysten Collins has been feeling the love on social media from new Married at First Sight fans who just discovered the series on Netflix.

Many Season 15 cast members were bracing themselves for backlash but Krysten had the least to worry about of all the people on the show.

The MAFS star got a raw deal when she was matched with Mitch Silverstein, who had hoped for a Jessica Biel lookalike.

After weeks of trying to compromise in her marriage while not getting anything from Mitch, a frustrated Krysten decided to end the marriage.

Since her divorce, Krysten left San Diego for New York. It has worked in her favor.

She has already found a potential suitor in the big city and we can’t wait to learn more about her new beau.

Krysten Collins is ‘seeing someone’ after her divorce from Mitch Silverstein

Krysten took to her Instagram Story to thank the new MAFS viewers for all the support they’ve been sending her way, and she also shared an update on her personal life.

“Thank you for all the kind messages and DMs I’ve been getting now that our season is on Netflix đź’‹,” she wrote, alongside a fresh-faced car selfie.

“Luna and I are doing wonderfully and YES we are seeing someone,” added Krysten, who noted that she and her dog are a package deal.

The Season 15 star didn’t go into any details about her new guy, telling her followers that the romance is still in the early stages, but will “share more if things continue.”

Krysten Collins Instagram Story
Krysten Collins is dating again. Pic credit: @krys.coll/Instagram

Krysten is getting support from a new batch of MAFS fans

A slew of Netflix viewers have sought out Krysten on Instagram after watching Season 15 and she’s getting lots of love and support in the comments.

“By far the best person on MAFS…ever. You stayed classy the entire time with an absolutely impossible partner and person. I hope you find the right person—because you are so deserving!” wrote a commenter.

“My favorite season of MAFS! Just watched, and you were so amazing! I felt empowered by your strength and grace.” posted someone else.

One MAFS viewer wrote, “Wishing you all the best. You were kind, clear & diligent dealing with M. You ARE a catch and I hope you’re caught soon. Your behavior was so impressive.”

Krysten Collins gets support from new MAFS fans
MAFS fans share their thoughts. Pic credit: @krys.coll/Instagram

“Loved you on MAFS. Let me just tell you, Mitch reminded me of all the unemotionally available men in my single life,” wrote someone else. “You were so smart, you remembered your worth and cut him loose!!!! 🙌.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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