MAFS viewers worry for Krysten after Mitch’s red flags in ‘groomzilla’ scene

Krysten from Married at First Sight
Mitch and Krysten were matched on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s latest episode ended on a cliffhanger as Mitch and Krysten prepared to walk down the aisle.

While Mitch was mainly known for his environmentalist passions, a scene at the end of the episode painted the Married at First Sight Season 15 star in a different, less favorable light.

Before his wedding, Mitch got ready with his groomsmen, and a stylist groomed his beard. 

Mitch was unhappy with the results of his hair and threw a mini-fit.

Mitch also behaved rudely towards his groomsmen when none of them knew how to tie his bow tie. 

After a pre-wedding meltdown, MAFS viewers predicted Mitch might be more problematic than expected and worried Krysten could be in trouble. 

MAFS viewers react after Mitch complains about hair and a bow tie

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to respond to Mitch’s wedding day behavior, with many suggesting he exhibited red flags.

A skeptical viewer wrote, “I don’t know about Mitch and Krysten just from seeing the scene where Mitch was throwing a fit about his beard. and his ‘Rebel’ personality…maybe he’ll prove me wrong but these last couple seasons don’t leave me too optimistic.” 

Tweet about Mitchell from Married at First Sight
Pic credit: @trashkoala10/Twitter

Another Twitter user wrote, “I knew I wasn’t going to like Mitch. The way he was talking to the hairstylist and even his friends is a red Flagg.” 

One critic questioned, “How was the barber supposed to read your mind about what you wanted or know how you usually wear your beard Mitch? Should have showed her a picture or told her. Rude.” 

Tweet about Mitchell from Married at First Sight
Pic credit: @SMelody1128/Twitter

Viewers labeled Mitch a groomzilla, with one writing, “ I honestly did not expect this groomzilla out of Mitch. I’m really disgusted.” 

Another added, “It’s Mitch being a bridezilla more than the brides that is sleighing me.”

Tweet about Mitchell from Married at First Sight
Pic credit: @T_G_I_Ferb/Twitter

Other tweets included, “Mitch might be a problem,” “I’m going to keep my eye on Mitch. His temper is a red flag,” and “Mitch got a bandaid on his head on his wedding day and he worried about his beard being too short??”

Tweet about Mitchell from Married at First Sight
Pic credit: @SMelody1128/Twitter

MAFS viewers feel bad for Krysten after seeing Mitch’s ‘red flags’

Krysten has been vocal about coming off a heartbreak when she dumped all her life saving into a wedding, only for her partner to cheat before they could make it down the aisle. 

Now, MAFS viewers fear Mitch and his potential red flags will hurt Krysten. 

A commenter wrote, “I feel bad for her. Her first wedding blew up in her face and this guy is not going to be a match. He has so many red flags. Hissy fit over a haircut and a bow tie.” 

Tweet about Mitchell from Married at First Sight
Pic credit: @WhatYouWatchN/Twitter

Another commenter wrote, “I wish they’d have picked a different guy for her. Mitch seems like he has a very short fuse and I don’t think that’s probably what she needs. The way he was talking to the woman who was trimming his beard and hair was so rude. I felt bad for her because she did a really good job on making him look good and she was so sweet.” 

Comments about Mitchell from Married at First Sight
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Do you think Mitch’s short fuse will cause trouble in his marriage to Krysten?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Kathie Alee
Kathie Alee
2 years ago

Sounds like he is going to be a “My Way Or The Highway Crybaby”