MAFS: Myrla Feria talks about the compromises she made in relationship with Gil Cuero

MAFS former bride Myrla Feria opens up on the demise of her relationship with Gil Cuero. Pic credit: Lifetime

Love or hate her, former Married at First Sight bride Myrla Feria has stayed true to herself.

The 35-year-old recently took to the Love Starts Here podcast to talk about the lessons she learned from her reality TV relationship with Gil Cuero.

“I feel like I compromised in ways that I shouldn’t have,” the leadership coach spoke on the December 13th episode. “Because it wasn’t true to who I wanted to be or needed to be in a relationship.”

Myrla Feria talks about the compromises she made in relationship with Gil Cuero

While Myrla didn’t leave Season 13 with a husband, she was able to reflect and pinpoint relationship patterns from her past.

“I have like, submitted to the charge of others, you know, when I was younger in relationships,” Myrla described on the December 13th episode. “There are times where I cared more about others’ feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in my life and I dimmed my own light.”

“I think the world saw this clearly,” she spoke of her time on the MAFS franchise. “An example of like, allowing others to place labels on me.”

One of Myrla’s reasons for leaving was Gil’s tendency to call her high maintenance and continually shade her for the lifestyle that she labored hard to achieve.

Myrla added, “I define who I am and what someone’s label of me, or when someone’s label of me, is contradictory I guess, to my definition, I know I will no longer accept it.”

Myrla Feria faced backlash over her treatment of Gil

Myrla Feria didn’t leave the Houston experiment as a fan favorite and it was clear viewers were not happy with her after the MAFS reunion.

After shocking fans by choosing to stay married on Decision Day, they astounded fans one more time after it was revealed that Myrla left Gil a short 14 days later.

Adding insult to injury, Gil revealed to host Kevin Frazier that he sold all his belongings to be with his new bride.

Myrla’s friendship with fellow Houston husband, Johnny Lam has also been a major point of contention for viewers. After their flirty interactions caused Gil to rush off stage at the reunion, observers were quick to shame them for their lack of consideration for Gil’s feelings.

However, since then, Gil has spoken out and confirmed Johnny and Myrla are not a couple.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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