Gil Cuero dishes on Johnny and Myrla’s close relationship, says ‘they’re not a couple’

MAFS star Gil Cuero insist Myrla and Johnny are just close friends despite how it seems
Gil doesn’t care about Myrla and Johnny’s close relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight star Gil Cuero has opened up about the close relationship between his ex-wife Myrla Feria and castmate Johnny Lam. Viewers were outraged at Johnny and Myrla’s display at the reunion after finding out that Myra had dumped Gil.

While Gil got emotional on stage while talking about his breakup, Myrla and Johnny were giggling and touching each other at every turn. The pair revealed that they had become quite close during the MAFS process and continued their friendship when the cameras stopped rolling. They even confessed to going on a vacation together–a revelation which angered fans.

However, despite having to watch the uncomfortable display of affection between the two, Gil says Myrla and Johnny are just close friends.

Gil Cuero says Johnny and Myrla are not dating

The Married at First Sight star went Instagram Live last night and many people tuned in to ask questions about the show. One topic of conversation was the newfound relationship between Myrla and Johnny which played out during the reunion.

However, Gil proved exactly why’s he’s the breakout favorite from the season because he didn’t throw any shade at his ex or Johnny when questioned about them.

“[I’m going to] tell y’all something. So, they’re not a couple. I know y’all think that, but they’re not a couple,” responded Gil. “I’m not defending either one of them.”

As for how he feels about Johnny, the MAFS star revealed, “I’m indifferent about Johnny…he’s cool peoples but I mean I’m not about to hit him up and ask him ‘let’s go get a drink’ or whatever.”

Gil Cuero say’s he’s no longer in love with Myrla Feria

During his Instagram Live, the Married at First Sight star also shared how he now feels about Myrla Feria. At the reunion, viewers were heartbroken as Gil tearfully admitted that he was still in love with her

However, things have changed since then.

“I still have love for my ex-wife,” confessed Gil. “I’m not in love with her but I still have much love for her…like I told y’all at the reunion, you can’t just turn that on and off.”

As for Johnny and Myrla’s relationship, Gil noted that despite the speculation that they’re a couple, that’s not the case at all.

“They’re just friends, they’re just close. They were on the same volleyball team together…and they just became close so I have zero issues with them,” said Gil. “I mean I had zero issues with them being close when we were together and now I don’t give a damn.”

Gil added, “I can one hundred percent tell y’all they never dated… he’s doing his own thing, she’s doing her own thing.”

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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