MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak dating Love is Blind star Stacy Snyder

MAFS star Ryan Ignasiak screenshot
Ryan Ignasiak is dating another reality TV star. Pic credit: Lifetime

Ryan Ignasiak didn’t leave a good impression on Married at First Sight viewers in Season 13 – where he was matched with Brett Layton.

However, he’s made quite the impression on another reality TV contestant, and they just hard-launched their relationship on social media.

The new woman in Ryan’s life is Love is Blind, Season 5 star Stacy Snyder and the duo has been getting cutesy online.

Interestingly, Ryan and Stacy have something in common – they were both dubbed as villains on their respective shows.

Ryan infuriated viewers due to this poor treatment of his stunning wife, Brett, who was seemingly not his type.

Ryan had a problem being honest with his wife, and she eventually found out he was on dating apps trolling for dates while they were still filming the eight-week experiment.

The mismatched couple called it quits before even getting to the halfway mark, and fans were happy to see the relationship end for Brett’s sake.

The raven-haired beauty has kept a low profile since her time on the show. However, Ryan has remained on our radar, and now he has a new woman.

MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak goes Instagram official with girlfriend Stacy Snyder

We’re wondering if the new couple met on a dating app since Ryan has a penchant for swiping right.

Either way, the MAFS star has found a good match with Stacy Snyder.

The former Love is Blind contestant and her new beau have been following the drama on Season 6 while giving their views on the show.

Stacy recently posted a video of their latest binge session online.

The video shows the couple on the couch with a bottle of red wine as Stacy laughingly introduces Ryan as her special guest.

“Yeah. I’m special guest of Stacy’s, Ryan. I’ve done one of these ridiculous shows also,” he said.

“Watch us drink and chat about the new season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind!” Stacy noted in her caption. “Y’all voted for us to drink anytime someone said, ‘baby,’ or, ‘connection.’ So yeah- we got wasted and only made it to episode 4 🍷 💕😭.”

“Oh yeah and I’m dating @ryanignacho 🥰,” she added.

Who is Love is Blind Season 5 star Stacy Snyder?

Stacy was a contestant looking for love and marriage on Season 5 of Love is Blind, but things didn’t exactly go her way.

Stacy — who comes from an affluent family — enjoyed the finer things in life and needed a man who could adequately provide for her.

She built a connection with Izzy Zapata in the pod, but major concerns about his finances and his ability to keep up with her luxurious lifestyle tore them apart.

During the finale, the duo made it to the altar, but Stacy ultimately opted not to marry Izzy, ending their love story.

Now we’re on to a new season, and Stacy is on to a new man, so let’s see if the new couple can stand the test of time.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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