Married at First Sight fans say Ryan should tell Brett the truth

MAFS Brett looks angry
MAFS Brett says if Ryan doesn’t want to be with her, then don’t be. Pic credit: Lifetime

Decision Day is coming fast, and things between Brett and Ryan are reaching a boiling point. While Ryan seems to have made up his mind about the relationship, he hasn’t quite passed on that information to Brett yet and fans are wondering — why not?

MAFS fans say Ryan should tell Brett how he feels

While Brett might still be confused about her and Ryan’s situation, it seems Ryan has made up his mind, and the verdict is — he’s not feeling it.

Ryan has hinted for the past several episodes that things between him and Brett might not be great, but in this week’s episode, he finally revealed how bad things truly were, at least on his end.

Ryan confided to his costar Zack during a workout, that he wasn’t feeling things with Brett. He said he wasn’t getting the “butterflies” and things weren’t progressing. He admitted he felt less for Brett currently than he did on their wedding day.

Zack encouraged him to tell Brett how he felt so that she wasn’t blindsided and Zack wasn’t the only one to give Ryan that advice.

Ryan also revealed how he was feeling to his sister and added that he felt like Brett was “disgusting” around the house. He even provided her with video evidence he had taken of Brett’s room at the shared apartment. Ryan admitted that Brett’s messiness and what he considered her “high anxiety” were making him less and less attracted to her. Ryan’s sister encouraged him to tell her the truth.

Fans also weighed in on social media on the events of the episode, and the reviews were not exactly raving. Many fans felt Ryan should tell Brett the truth about how he was feeling.

Ryan tells Brett the truth — almost

After encouragement from both Zack and his sister to tell Brett the truth so they could discuss it, Ryan finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. Or at least try.

Ryan sat down with Brett and told her that he was still struggling with everything, but at the last moment, he backed off and told her the conversation was about him sleeping on the couch. He explained it wasn’t comfortable for him and he thought it would be better for him to move into the spare room. So close Ryan, so close.

Fans also had a lot to say about his sudden change of heart mid-conversation with Brett.

But the episode came and went without Ryan telling Brett the truth.

While things have definitely hit a low point for the couple, Ryan putting Brett in the friendzone is nothing new. From the honeymoon on, Ryan has said he has been struggling to feel butterflies with his new wife, and while they do seem to share some type of connection, it doesn’t seem like it is a romantic one.

Brett and Ryan came into the marriage with a lot of differences to overcome. We had them pegged third to last on our own Most Likely to Succeed list and it seems they are staying pretty close to our prediction.

The two admitted post-wedding day that they were not usually each other’s type, but both still seemed willing to try to move forward and try something outside of their comfort zone. But it seems regardless of their effort, the two just aren’t making the connection and Ryan can’t get over his lack of attraction to Brett.

Trailers of this week’s upcoming episode do not reveal things getting any better for the couple raising the question–will the two even make it to Decision Day? Fans feel if Ryan doesn’t stop telling everyone but Brett how he really feels, they may not.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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