MAFS alum Briana Myles explains online absence as she mourns big loss

MAFS sta Briana Myles screenshot
Briana Myles mourns the loss of a family member. Pic credit: Lifetime

Briana Myles took to social media with a life update after her friends and followers noticed her brief absence.

The Married at First Sight alum is usually very active on social media so people expressed concern when she hadn’t posted in a while.

As it turns out, Briana had a family loss and was in mourning. So she needed a social media break.

The pregnant mama eventually took to Instagram to explain her situation and thanked the people checking in to ensure she was okay.

It’s already an emotional time for Briana who recently announced that she and her husband Vincent Morales were expecting their second child.

The Season 12 alums are already parents to a daughter named Aury Bella who celebrated her first birthday in January.

Briana Myles says ‘I’ll be okay soon’ as she mourns a major loss

Briana shared a touching post on social media informing her Instagram followers that she suffered a major loss in her family.

She posted a photo of her grandmother holding baby Aury Bella and smiling happily.

“Life Lately 🕊️,” wrote the MAFS star in her caption. “Recently my Grandma made her transition to Heaven. I don’t navigate grieving well nor do I like to show the vulnerability of emotion, but there’s no getting around this.”

Briana noted that she’s been embracing the waves of emotions that come with losing a loved one but she’s trying to stay positive amid her grief.

“I try to focus on happy memories while creating new ones,” she said.

Before ending her message, Briana thanked her many “InstaSisters who’ve asked ‘Girl, where you been?!’ or ‘You’ve been M.I.A, but I hope you’re ok!’”

While admittedly, she’s not okay now, she’s confident that will change.

“I’ll get to being OK soon ❤️ Promise 🤞🏾,” Briana exclaimed.

MAFS alums send condolences to the grieving Season 12 star

Meanwhile, Briana has been getting lots of support from her Married at First Sight family after she opened up about her grandma’s passing.

We spotted several familiar names in the comments sending love to the grieving stay-at-home mom.

“Can’t wait to give you a big hug soon ❤️,” wrote castmate Paige Banks.

“🙏🏾🙏🏾 so sorry for your loss! Sending love & hugs,” added Karen Landry.

Shaniece Jackson also wrote, “My condolences to you and your family 🙏🏾❤️.”

MAFS alums Amani Aliyya and Beth Bice also dropped a few hearts in the comments for the grieving mama.

Briana Myles gets support on Instagram
MAFS alums and fans share their support. Pic credit: @blmyles/Instagram

Briana also received supporting messages from her followers, with one person writing, “So sorry for your loss, Briana.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Jackie Richardson
Jackie Richardson
16 days ago

So sorry for your loss BRI. We miss you, but understand. God needed your loving grandmother most as one of his angels

15 days ago

Heartbreaking and sending love, hugs and prayers In Jesus