MAFS alum Briana Myles calls Denver reunion a ‘circus’ and says cast ruined their reputation

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Briana Myles discusses MAFS Season 17. Pic credit: Lifetime

Several MAFS alums have shared their opinions about Season 17 of Married at First Sight, and the latest person to chime in was Briana Myles.

The Season 12 star, who gained a successful marriage from the eight-week experiment tuned in much like the rest of us to watch the reunion.

She had one word to summarize the madness in Parts 1 and 2: “circus.”

That’s a fitting description for the show as the women, clad in pink and still angry and bitter over their divorces, faced off against their ex-husbands.

At this point, viewers will never truly know which side is telling the truth because — as was their plan — many things transpired off-camera that we didn’t see.

The men claim they all came together at the beginning of the season and agreed to plot their storylines and deceive the experts, the producers, and the audience.

However, the women claim they were just blindly following their husbands.

Either way, the plan wasn’t smoothly executed and before the season ended, the cast started turning against each other, with little resolution even after the reunion.

MAFS alum Briana Myles calls the Denver reunion a ‘circus’

Briana Myles has been getting questions from fans of the show about the Denver cast amid all the drama that ensued.

So, during an Instagram Q&A, Briana gave her feedback on the two-part reunion.

“Overall I felt like the reunion was a circus,” confessed Briana.

“I didn’t watch the season so I can’t really say if the season was a circus, but maybe I should go back and watch it, so I can understand why these people were acting like they were acting on the reunion,” she added.

Did the Season 17 cast ruin their reputation?

The cast — especially the men — wanted to look good on TV so they set their ridiculous plan in motion.

However, it backfired and now they’ll be known for being liars and deceivers.

“I think that a lot of them were trying not to ruin their reputation and they did that anyway,” opined Briana.

The expectant mama said there’s a way to express frustration on camera “without looking like a crazy a**hole.”

The MAFS alum reflected on her experience in Season 12 and confessed that there were many times during filming that she was frustrated with the process.

“But I didn’t ruin my reputation, I didn’t look crazy,” said Briana.

“There were a few times where I felt like I could’ve turned up, but I didn’t, because for what? I’m a look crazy, it’s gonna be on me,” she concluded.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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