MAFS Afterparty promises interesting revelations with Brennan and Cameron as guests

Brennan Shoykhet and Cameron Frazer screenshot
Brennan Shoykhet and Cameron Frazer will be on the MAFS Afterparty. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight Afterparty has been heating up in recent months, and lately, we’ve been more excited about that, than the actual show.

Nonetheless, Episode 22 titled, Doubts, Dilemmas and Drag, picks up this week with the couple’s post-Decision Day, plus Michael and Chloe as they prepare to make their final decision.

However, we’re looking forward to the Afterparty episode. It will feature Chloe Brown, Brennan Shoykhet, and Cameron Frazer.

An interesting night is promised because Cameron has been unhinged lately and viewers love it.

He was a guest on the last Afterparty episode and had a tense moment with Becca Haley for spilling some hot tea about Emily Balch.

Cameron revealed that Brennan’s wife had cheated on him, and we’re sure he’s ready to spill even more with Brennan by his side to shed more light on that situation.

Brennan and Cameron are ready for the MAFS Afterparty

In the upcoming episode of the MAFS Afterparty, host Keshia Knight Pulliam sits down with Chloe, Brennan, and Cameron for what promises to be an eye-opening episode.

We’re not expecting Chloe to drop any shockers during her time on the show as she shares insight into her mindset going into Decision Day with her husband Michael Shiakallis.

However, it’s Cameron who will likely deliver more surprising revelations.

Last time he threw estranged wife Clare Kerr under the bus and hinted that she was the mastermind behind the tensions between the wives and the husbands.

What more will Cameron reveal this time around?

Will Brennan speak on Emily’s cheating and spill more tea about his marriage?

A major topic of conversation will undoubtedly be the claim that Emily cheated on Brennan.

Clare confirmed that her BFF, Emily kissed an Australian guy during a night out at a bar, but Emily has already hinted that Brennan has done far worse.

She also slammed Cameron and called him a mass manipulator after his no-holds-barred appearance on the last Afterparty episode.

Meanwhile, Brennan has stayed silent, despite getting backlash from fans for how he treated his wife before she finally ended their marriage.

The MAFS experts were also hard on the 29-year-old on the Decision Day episode, where he claimed he was trying to protect Emily by asking her not to speak on certain things when the cameras were around.

Now it’s Brennan’s turn to speak his truth and we can’t wait to hear what he says.

Will he take accountability for the demise of his marriage and finally reveal what caused him to lose interest in Emily?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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