MAFS spoilers: Michael is ‘legitimately torn’ on whether he should stay married to Chloe

MAFS star Michael Shiakallis
Michael Shiakallis is unsure about his marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Another episode of Married at First Sight is on the way, and all eyes will be on Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis.

That’s because they’re the only couple from Season 17 still married, and honestly, that’s only because they tied the knot much later in the season due to the runaway bride fiasco.

While the other couples have already decided to divorce their partners, Michael and Chloe’s Decision Day is less than a week away.

The pair have had a smooth running throughout their marriage, especially compared to the other couples, minus a few hiccups here and there.

However, in the last episode, something changed for Michael; now he’s admittedly “torn” on what he should do about his marriage.

Meanwhile, it seems Chloe is anxious as the pivotal moment looms, but will the couple stay married or get divorced?

Michael Shiakallis is ‘torn’ on whether he should stay married

Episode 22, titled Doubts, Dilemmas, and Drag, is on the way, and we’ll see Chloe and Michael grappling with doubts and uncertainties.

While the other couples have all called it quits, they’re still in the mix, working through all the post-Decision Day complexities.

The episode will feature the singles navigating life changes and fitness pursuits, exploring the art of metal forging, and taking in a drag show.

However, for the one remaining couple, it’s not all fun and games.

The clip shows Michael opening up to Orion about his marriage.

“I interpret Decision Day as like deciding if you wanna continue to build and work on this marriage, and now I do feel legitimately torn,” he says.

MAFS star Chloe Brown is feeling ‘anxiety’ about Decision Day

Meanwhile, Chloe feels anxious about Decision Day, and based on how Michael is moving, she has every right to be.

“Decision Day is rapidly approaching and all of the feelings, the emotions, the anxiety has been really stressful,” admits the 39-year-old.

Flashback to the last episode, when the couple discussed future plans, and Michael suggested they live apart for a few months after the eight-week experiment.

However, when he mentions that notion again in the Episode 22 sneak peek, Chloe puts her foot down.

“I think that’s a little unreasonable,” she tells him. “I want to be very clear that if we are going to stay married, we need to really think about what that future looks like.”

Additionally, things take an emotional turn for Chloe during a night out with the other women when they broach the question, “What would you do if he said no on Decision Day.”

“I don’t know,” responds Chloe, wiping away tears.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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