Madison LeCroy debuts Southern Charm confessional look, reveals she’s ‘passed the villain torch’

Madison LeCroy in a car selfie.
Madison LeCroy passed the villian torch. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Southern Charm Season 9 wrapped last month, and the confessionals are currently being filmed.

Madison LeCroy shared her look, revealing she still looks better than ever.

The blonde beauty put plenty of effort into getting ready for her November wedding and is keeping up with it.

Last season Madison was sparse as she was planning her wedding and dealing with other things, but she promised to be around a little more this season.

And the reality TV star teased that her husband, Brett Randle, may even film alongside her. The couple did spend time with Miss Patricia Altschul earlier this year when Southern Charm was filming.

However, there is one thing Madison won’t be bringing into Season 9 of Southern Charm.

Madison LeCroy passes the ‘villain torch’

After sharing her confessional look on Instagram, her comment section lit up with comments about her villainess. But she dropped some tea regarding what followers can expect during Season 9 of Southern Charm.

One follower kicked off by saying, “No one villains better”

Madison replied, “you might be surprised… I’ve passed the villain torch on to someone else ?”

There’s been some talk about who Season 9 would be centered around, and it makes sense it would be Taylor Ann Green. After all, her years-long relationship with Shep Rose ended, and during the Season 8 reunion, she was still incredibly bitter about how everything went down.

And let’s not forget the rumor that Taylor and Austen Kroll had a little fling.

It seems the comment section didn’t forget as one follower wrote, “@madison.lecroy torch passed to @tayloranngreen the passed around church goer”

Madison LeCroy's Instagram comments.
Comments about Madison passing the “villain” torch. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

What is in store for Season 9 of Southern Charm?

Filming wrapped on Season 9 of Southern Charm at the end of March. With confessionals being worked on now, it’s likely viewers could see a late summer or early fall debut. Typically turnaround time is six months for the Bravo network.

New cast member Olivia Flowers will deal with her brother’s death, as he passed earlier this year as filming was underway. That reportedly causes a rift between her and Austen, which is ironic because of all the cast members, he is the one who went through a similar experience.

Kathryn Dennis reportedly isn’t returning, though there are varying reports on whether she filmed at all or just did a few scenes with some of the OGs.

Plenty of drama is sure to be a part of the Charleston-based show.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

If toy dobby let KathrynDennus come back on Southern Charm I will sue the TV show. Kathryn adds slit to the show.