Maci Bookout considers quitting Teen Mom OG to protect her kids from the drama

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG
Maci Bookout debates leaving Teen Mom OG as she worries about the impact of the drama on her children. Pic credit: MTV

During the most recent season of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout dealt with a lot of drama with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards and his family.

The feud between Maci, her husband Taylor McKinney, and the Edwards family intensified each week as they continued to grow frustrated with how the Edwards family pressured Bentley to have a relationship with Ryan.

The Edwards’ blamed Maci for Bentley’s reservations about spending time with Ryan until they could attend therapy together.

Eventually, things got so heated between the two families that Taylor and Larry Edwards got into an intense argument at the Teen Mom OG reunion that ended with Maci and Taylor leaving the stage and the reunion altogether.

Following a tumultuous season, Maci is now debating whether she even wants to continue filming as she worries about how the drama will impact her children.

Maci Bookout considers leaving Teen Mom OG

Maci recently went on the podcast Dad Up and shared that she and Taylor are torn about whether they should continue to film with the Teen Mom franchise.

Maci explained that it continues to be a “season-to-season decision” but admitted they are seriously considering moving on.

She said, “I think right now definitely more than ever we’re leaning more toward deciding when the right time to move on is.”

Maci said they are not sure what their next step would be if they did make the decision to move on.

She said, “And if we do move on from the show would it be to stay in TV and just go a different direction? Or do we kind of want to leave TV behind for good?”

Maci’s major concern has been about the well-being of her children. She’s worried that the ongoing drama could have a negative impact on them.

She explained, “It really all depends on how it affects our children, especially since Bentley is in middle school, which is a tough age in general, and Jayde, she’ll be in first grade in the fall.”

Maci added that if she was able to limit her children’s role on the show then her and Taylor could be more okay with continuing to film.

Ryan’s family was allegedly fired from Teen Mom OG

Maci is considering her role with Teen Mom OG following the alleged firing of Ryan and his entire family.

Larry was the first to speak out about the firings and claimed he got in trouble for things he said at the reunion.

Ryan and his wife Mackenzie Edwards also shared that Maci reportedly went above the production’s head to remove them from the show. She wanted the next season to focus on other aspects of her life and not just the drama between the two families.

MTV still has not released a statement regarding the firings, but the Edwards family made it clear that they were ready to move on.

Despite what the Edwards family does next, Maci and her family may eventually decide to leave the Teen Mom franchise for good. For now, it looks like she and Taylor are seeing how things go with the next season and base their next move on their children’s well-being.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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