Maci Bookout chimes in on Jenelle vs. Amber drama, takes sides

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout chimes in on Jenelle Evans drama. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout is coming to her friend’s defense after learning that Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 is making insulting comments on social media.

Last Friday morning, Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG was suddenly arrested and charged with domestic battery. She was later released after posting bail.

As we’ve previously revealed, Jenelle Evans decided to point out that she had at least learned from her mistakes, making a reference to Amber’s arrest.

On Twitter, Cheyenne Floyd from Teen Mom OG wrote that Jenelle is the last person who should be throwing shade, given she just got her kids back the day before Amber’s arrest. She also pointed out that the girls shouldn’t be kicking each other when down.

Maci Bookout, who is usually fairly quiet when it comes to drama with her co-stars, decided to speak out in defense of Amber by sharing Cheynne’s tweet as a retweet. It’s clear that she stands with Amber in this situation, possibly without knowing the details of what happened.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon have not issued any statements about the arrest or the incident that resulted in Andrew reaching out to authorities because he thought his life and the life of little James were in danger.

By Maci chiming in, she’s opening the door for Jenelle to weight in on how she feels about Ryan Edwards’ arrest and how Maci is handling the situation with Ryan and Bentley.

Maci has previously stated that she feels that Ryan’s family aren’t approaching the situation correctly, as they should have a talk with Bentley about everything. He’s old enough to understand what is going on, so she claims it’s a mistake to ignore it and just move on with life.

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