Luke Bryan tells concertgoer ‘my lawyer will be calling’ after slipping over cell phone thrown on stage

Luke Bryan on stage
Luke had an issue at a recent concert. Pic credit: ©

Luke Bryan has a message for the concertgoer that interrupted his set over the weekend.

Luke suddenly fell on his back after slipping on a cell phone during a performance at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver, Canada.

The country crooner, thankfully, wasn’t hurt during the fall.

Luke couldn’t stop laughing at himself as he took a moment to get up.

With cameras everywhere, the American Idol judge wanted to know if anyone caught the fall.

Clearly, the answer was yes because the footage has been all over social media.

Luke Bryan tells concertgoer ‘my lawyer will be calling’

The Country Girl singer got up with the cell phone in hand still smiling and laughing at what just happened.

“It’s okay,” he said to the cell phone holder. “Hey, my lawyer will be calling.”

Luke appeared to be kidding because he immediately went to another concertgoer asking to see the footage.

“You’re Snapchatting. You can’t Snapchat this s**t,” he shouted to a fan.

Then Luke was handed a phone that he held up for the rest of the audience to see as he played back the fall footage.

“Oh, yes! There we go again. There I am, there we go … there it is!” Luke exclaimed before making a crack about going viral.

This morning, concert attendee Emily Nicole spoke with Good Morning America, admitting more than phones were being thrown on stage.

“People were trying to get their stuff signed, So they thought the best way to get that to happen was by throwing things on stage, which was not safe at all and just super disrespectful,” she expressed.

Luke Bryan’s American Idol family pokes fun at his fall

On last night’s American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest didn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at Luke’s fall. Ryan checked to make sure Luke was okay with a joke or two.

Katy Perry was more eager to see if Luke was alright and wanted to hear his story. To entertain them, Luke played dumb for a little bit before laughing that he was just fine.

Luke also clarified the stunt was not planned but just some “Good old-fashioned foolishness.”

For those wondering, no, Luke isn’t putting on an act. The country singer really wasn’t upset at falling, embarrassing himself, or what the concertgoer did.

“It was actually the best moment of the night,” Luke laughed on American Idol.

No one can say country singer Luke Bryan doesn’t have a sense of humor. Luke managed to take a fall thanks to a cell phone being through on stage all in stride.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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