Kelly Clarkson blasted after ‘hard to watch’ Nicole Richie exchange on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Clarkson and Nicole Richie on the red carpet
Kelly has been put on blast for a good reason. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.comBirdie Thompson/AdMedia

Kelly Clarkson has come under fire after an interview she did with Nicole Richie on her daytime talk show.

On Tuesday, Nicole stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show to chat up her new movie, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

However, things took a turn for Nicole as she was gearing up to talk about the remake of the 1991 hit film starring Christina Applegate.

Instead of focusing on Nicole, Kelly opted to take a trip down memory lane and barely let Nicole get a word in.

The official Instagram account for The Kelly Clarkson Show shared a clip of the exchange with the caption, “Throwback! 🤣.”

Critics flooded the comments section, taking aim at Kelly for being a bad host and talking over her guest.

Kelly Clarkson blasted after ‘hard to watch’ Nicole Richie exchange

“Oh man… that was hard to watch … so much interruption….. it’s incredibly annoying…,” read one comment.

Others pointed out that Kelly needs to stop talking and start listening so her guests can be heard.

Kelly blasted for hosting gig
Pic credit: @kellyclarksonshow/Instagram


Kelly not letting her guests speak was one hot topic among the critics. While one user could understand Kelly’s excitement, others just can’t over Kelly not shutting up.

“She never lets her guests talk. I love her but I can’t watch her show,” was a remark, and “Kelly just can’t let anyone talk. Drives me crazy!” was a different statement.

There was even a critic who called out the show runners at The Kelly Clarkson Show for not guiding Kelly better, so the interviews are watchable.

Critics blast Kelly Clarkson
Pic credit: @kellyclarksonshow/Instagram

The number of times Kelly interrupted guests was also mentioned. Again, many critics just want Kelly to be quiet and let her guests do the talking.

“Kelly, I love you, a lot. But you have to be a better host. Just let people talk on your show more. Pretty please … Because this happens a lot lately and it’s annoying… And you are such a beautiful human…being…so…,” said a critic.

Kelly Clarkson under fire
Pic credit: @kellyclarksonshow/Instagram

Oh yes, The Kelly Clarkson Show viewers are not happy with the host and her continuous need to make interviews about her.

Kelly may have got blasted but Nicole was given props for how she handled the situation.

Nicole Richie praised for The Kelly Clarkson Show appearance

“I love you Kelly but you have to let your guests speak. Nicole was so gracious as you asked her questions and then talked over her every time she tried to answer.” stated a user.

Another credited Nicole with keeping her cool while Kelly just kept going on and interrupting the actress as she tried to answer questions.

Kelly Clarkson has been making headlines a lot lately, mostly for her dramatic weight loss. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, fans have been saying Kelly’s aging backward with her new slimmer physique.

However, now the American Idol alum has people buzzing because of her The Kelly Clarkson Show hosting gig, and it’s not painting Kelly in a good light.

What do you think of the criticism of Kelly as a host?

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barbara rooke
barbara rooke
1 month ago

I like Kelly but I have noticed her taking over interviews several times in the past, excessively sharing her own info when it was their interview. An interview should be like a tennis match back and forth, not taken over by an overly enthusiastic hostess who wants to share her own story. She loves to talk more than listen.

1 month ago
Reply to  barbara rooke

I had to stop watching Kelly. I do love her and her music, but she Needs to let her guests speak…..

Karen Speelman
Karen Speelman
1 month ago

I love Kelly however she does do that not only to Nicole but to other guests. I think her excitement takes over. Excitement is a good thing but she needs to relax and let her guests have their say. It what they are there for an interview.

1 month ago

Yes stop the darn talking all the time. It is so annoying. People will turn you off.

Joyce Cox
Joyce Cox
1 month ago

She needs to shut up, and interview her guests.