Luka on Below Deck Down Under: Who is the hot new lead deckhand?

Luka Brunton on Below Deck down Under Season 2
Luka on Below Deck Down Under has turned some heads. Pic credit: Bravo

Who is Luka on Below Deck Down Under? That’s the question on fans’ minds after the smoking hot deckhand joined the Northern Sun crew.

This week’s back-to-back episodes of Below Deck Down Under featured deckhand Adam Kodra making a grave mistake with the anchor.

The mistake raised safety concerns for Captain Jason Chambers, who decided against Joao Franco’s wishes to fire Adam.

Enter new hunky lead deckhand Luka Brunton.

It turns out that Luka has a couple of connections to the Below Deck franchise, though this is his first appearance on any of the shows.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the newest Below Deck Down Under crew member.

Who is Luka Brunton on Below Deck Down Under?

Luka hails from Raglan, New Zealand, but has spent seven years building a career in the yachting industry. When Luka boarded the luxury yacht, viewers learned he has a friend in chief stew, Aesha Scott.

The two worked together when Aesha and her sister started yachting in the Med. Aesha even spilled that Luka hooked up with her sister, something he also admitted.

According to The Daily Dish, Luka has quite a few stories about charter guests who are public figures, including his wildest charter guest story. Luka isn’t naming names but did recall picking up the guests in the middle of the night with the lights off so no one would know they were chartering the yacht.

When Luka isn’t working, he enjoys being outside doing activities like snowboarding, surfing, and skydiving.

On the show, Luka and Aesha revealed that he had a thing with Below Deck Down Under Season 1 star Magda Ziomek. However, it didn’t last because Luka has a special lady in his life, and it seems like they have been together for a while.

Recently, Luka shared an IG post of a woman named Lorena. A deeper dive into his social media account proved Luka and Lorena have been together for quite a while.

Lorena shared a post of having a romantic night out nearly two years ago.

From the second Luka was featured on Below Deck Down Under, Twitter was buzzing about him and his smoking hot looks.

Below Deck Down Under fans react to Luka Brunton joining the show

One Twitter user thinks Luka gives off George Michael vibes.

Another shared a bit of TMI regarding how they feel about hunky Luka.

A tweet even suggested it would be fun to watch Luka knock Culver Bradbury off his pedestal.

Luka Brunton has made an impression on Below Deck Down Under, and his stint has only just begun. There are still a handful of episodes left in Season 2 for Below Deck Down Under for fans to get to know the hot new lead deckhand.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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