LPBW: Zach and Tori Roloff are a great team when it comes to parenting

Tori and Zach Roloff of LPBW
Tori and Zach Roloff are a great team when it comes to parenting their kids, Jackson and Lilah. Pic credit: TLC

Zach and Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World proved they have each other’s backs and make a great team regarding parenting.

Zach and Tori, who are nearing their sixth wedding anniversary later this month, share son Jackson, 4, and daughter Lilah, 1.

The couple recently opened up about how they tackle parenting decisions and where they disagree along the way.

In a new interview, Zach and Tori answered a series of dos and don’ts, and for the most part, their answers matched.

When it comes to co-sleeping, Zach and Tori agreed to nix the idea of sharing a bed with their kids, but the couple admitted that Jackson often ends up in their bed in the morning.

As far as screen time is concerned for Jackson and Lilah, Zach and Tori allow it but make sure to limit how much their kids spend on electronics throughout the day.

Tori added that Jackson’s favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Zach added that Jackson loves the Toy Story movies.

The LPBW stars don’t ‘think you can spoil a baby’

When asked whether or not they pick up a crying baby, Tori answered that they do and said, “I don’t think you can spoil a baby. They’re babies! Like, they cry because they need something.”

Tori added, “Unless you’re sleep training — and then that’s when I’m like — that’s the hardest time to not pick up a crying baby, but…”

As far as their family wearing matching outfits, Tori was totally on board, whereas Zach… not so much.

“I think it’s a little whatever, but Tori’s a fan,” Zach answered. Tori added that she’ll continue to have her family don look-alike outfits until her kids say they no longer want to wear matching outfits.

Zach and Tori aren’t opposed to showing ‘appropriate’ PDA in front of Jackson and Lilah

Zach was quick to answer the next question, whether he and Tori display PDA in front of their kids.

“Do,” Zach quickly answered with a laugh. After giving Zach a knowing glance, Tori added, “Appropriately do.”

Zach and Tori admitted that they like to enjoy some wine after the kids go down for the night. “A movie, a popcorn, I would maybe have a drink, like, yeah, we definitely do. Yeah, we both wind down and like, do our own thing for 30, an hour, or whatever,” Zach revealed.

The LPBW couple gives each other breaks and aren’t afraid to show emotion in front of Jackson and Lilah

Neither Tori nor Zach admitted to having meltdowns in front of Jackson and Lilah. Tori said, “I think we do a really good job of, like, stepping in when the other one needs a minute. I think that we are really good at like, communicating when, like, I need a minute, or I need a second.”

“Like, I mean I think when everything happened with me back in, um, March, I wasn’t afraid to like, show emotions in front of Jackson. Lilah’s still, I think, too young to like notice anything, but I think that I’m not afraid. We’re not afraid to show emotion,” Tori said of her miscarriage earlier this spring.

Zach also noted that he and Tori are together a lot and parent together since neither of them is gone from their home for extended periods of time. The couple added that their teamwork makes parenting easier, as they can give each other breaks when necessary.

Zach and Tori recently came under fire for their parenting after taking Jackson on a solo sledding trip. LPBW fans felt Zach and Tori didn’t take the necessary precautions to keep Jackson safe, especially since he and Zach fell off their sleds.

Zach and Tori recently returned from a family getaway with Jackson and Lilah, where they vacationed at the lake with friends and continued to live their best lives.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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