LPBW: Tori Roloff shares Sunday Funday post of entire family on the farm

Tori and Zach Roloff of Little People Big World
Tori and Zach Roloff of Little People Big World. Pic credit: TLC

In an adorable Instagram post on Sunday afternoon, Tori Roloff shared a pic of her entire family at Roloff Farms adventuring in the mud.

Tori captioned the post, “Sunday Funday at the farm with three of my absolute favorite humans!! #babyjroloff #babylilahray #zandtpartyoffour “ In the pic, Tori’s husband, Zach is accompanied by both of their kids, Jackson and Lilah.

The three are seated in a four-seater ATV that’s covered in mud, likely from their trekking around the farm, with Zach at the wheel.

Tori also shared some pics of the adventure to her Instagram stories. In the first animated pic, Jackson is crossing a stream and the caption reads, “He built that bridge himself! Just call him Huck Finn!” The next animated pic is an aerial view of Jackson crossing another stream.

In the third pic she shared, baby Lilah is standing in front of what appears to be Grandpa Matt’s cabin he recently built. The caption reads, “Wooooo then there’s this straight diva farm girl!!’

The last pic Tori shared in her stories was of herself with daughter Lilah on her lap. Lilah is wearing a cute headband with a leopard print bow, a chunky white sweater, and sunglasses like her mom. Tori captioned this pic, “just like mama.”

Tori has shared a lot of her family’s many adventures on social media lately.

Tori and Lilah Roloff of Little People Big World
Pics from the Roloff’s Sunday Funday at the farm. Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

Last week, she shared that the family went on an RV adventure, and just a few days ago, Tori shared an adorable pic of Jackson on his first day of preschool.

The family obviously loves to travel, as evidenced by their social media posts, and episodes of Little People Big World.

Zach Roloff grew up on Roloff Farms with his parents, Matt and Amy, twin brother Jeremy, sister Molly, and brother Jacob. Of the four Roloff children, only one is a dwarf and the rest are of average height.

Achondroplasia is the type of dwarfism that Zach, Jackson, and Lilah were born with, which occurs in one per 26,000 to 40,000 births. There was a 50/50 chance with each of Tori’s pregnancies that the baby would be born with dwarfism, due to genetics.

Tori and Zach are thankful that both of their children are healthy

Tori struggled more with Lilah’s diagnosis than she did with Jackson’s diagnosis. Fortunately, both of her kids have been healthy and haven’t experienced any medical issues due to their dwarfism.

Tori’s husband, Zach hasn’t been as lucky. Zach underwent numerous surgeries as a child related to his dwarfism. He had a shunt placed in his skull to alleviate pressure from fluid, he’s had his leg broken in three places and metal plates placed to straighten the leg, he later had screws added to his legs, and had exploratory ear surgery to remove excess fluid.

Tori and Zach handle raising two children with dwarfism in stride, and don’t let any disabilities define who they are. Fans are anxiously awaiting word on whether they can expect new episodes of Little People Big World this year.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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