LPBW spoilers: Zach Roloff isn’t willing to chase dad Matt’s approval to co-own the farm

Zach and Matt Roloff of LPBW
In tonight’s episode of LPBW, Zach admits that he isn’t willing to do things his dad’s way if he’s going to co-own the farm. Pic credit: TLC

It’s no secret to Little People, Big World fans that Matt Roloff likes things done a certain way when it comes to running the farm, but Zach isn’t willing to chase his dad’s approval if he’s going to co-own the farm some day.

While preparing for last year’s pumpkin season, Matt took Zach around the farm to show him the newest attractions he bought and to give him a quick peek at what running pumpkin season will look like during the pandemic.

As seen earlier in the season, Matt purchased some life-sized statues to place around the farm as part of the tour for guests.

Matt showed Zach his group of dinosaurs that he recently purchased, as he was excited about showing them off.

Zach, however, couldn’t justify the purchase when he thought about weighing the cost versus what they’ll bring to the farm.

When Matt asked Zach what he’d be doing to help with pumpkin season, he answered that he’ll be giving the private tours, as he has each year.

Matt wanted Zach to be more involved in everything on the farm, not just tours

Matt seemed a bit concerned that Zach wasn’t involved enough in the farm, with pumpkin season only two days away.

“I don’t see too much of you, I mean, are you all set on what you’re gonna be doing for pumpkin season?” Matt asked Zach.

“I bring the money in,” Zach answered.

“You bring the money in?” Matt asked.

“I do the tours,” Zach told his dad.

Matt thought that wasn’t enough, though. “Well, I mean it would have been nice to have you more involved in the setup,” he told Zach.

Zach was hesitant to get involved because of Matt’s system

Zach was hesitant to get involved, citing Matt’s rigid way of doing things. He told his dad, “You have your system, though.”

Matt told Zach that there was “plenty of work to go around” and during his solo confessional, Matt told the cameras, “Zach has expressed some interest in co-owning the north side of the farm and possibly living in the big house.”

Zach had revealed earlier this season that he had his hat in the ring to buy out his mom, Amy’s portion of the farm, and raise his own family in the farmhouse.

There are a ton of moving parts involved in making pumpkin season run smoothly every year. Zach hasn’t quite proven that he’s up for the task, by only sticking to what he knows.

Matt wants to pass off some of his duties but Zach wants to do it his way

Matt continued to confess, “But if Zach wants to run the farm one day, I mean, I want him to learn everything that I do to run pumpkin season.”

“I mean, he needs to do a little bit of everything, not just stick to the roles he’s comfortable in,” Matt added.

Matt expressed that he’s approaching the age and stage in life where he wants to be less involved in the operations of pumpkin season so he can slow down a bit.

Zach couldn’t help but bring up to Matt that he watched him argue with a farm employee for 20 minutes about where to put flags for parking.

Matt didn’t see that as a bad thing; in fact, he told Zach that he wanted him to be the one arguing with farm employees. But Zach said he wouldn’t argue, but rather just instruct employees on what needs to be done.

Zach sat down for his confessional next to Matt and told the cameras, “My dad’s got a system in place. His system works for him. But it’s difficult for me to get involved when it’s not how I would do things.”

Matt wants less involvement in pumpkin season

Back on the farm, Matt told Zach he wants him to take over the farm and pumpkin season, but he wants him to be more involved.

“I know it looks like I am wanting to run the whole show, but believe I would love to be hiding out a little more every day,” Matt revealed.

Zach confessed during his solo interview that Matt wants him to step up and be more involved. But Zach admitted he can’t do things his dad’s way because it’s not “his personality.”

Zach admitted that pleasing Matt is ‘non-stop’ and said it just can’t be done

Zach, who recently returned from an Arizona vacation with Matt and Caryn, revealed earlier this year that he wouldn’t feel pressure to to keep the farm up to Matt’s standards.

If Zach and Tori take over the farm, he admitted, “We’ll do what we’re comfortable with, but we’re not gonna chase after our dad’s approval for the rest of our lives because it is very difficult to obtain that.”

Fans of the show can catch the entire episode tonight on TLC or Discovery Plus and find out whether Zach and Matt can come to a resolution.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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