LPBW Spoilers: Amy and Chris visit Caryn’s new house with Matt — how awkward did it get?

Matt Roloff, Caryn Chandler, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
Did things get awkward when Amy and Chris visited Matt and Caryn at her new home? Pic credit: TLC

On this week’s episode of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff gave in to her fiancé Chris Marek and the couple visited Amy’s ex Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler at her new home.

Tensions have always been high whenever Amy and Matt are in the same room since their divorce in 2016.

Adding Matt and Amy’s significant others to the mix further complicates things and often makes for awkward circumstances.

Chris Marek convinced Amy Roloff to visit Caryn Chandler’s new house this week on LPBW

This week on LPBW was no exception when Chris talked Amy into visiting Matt and Caryn at Caryn’s new home. Chris wanted to see Caryn’s new deck, which Matt helped design.

Viewers watched last week as Chris suggested the idea, and originally Amy said it was “too close for comfort” but eventually changed her mind.

Chris called Matt while Amy cooked in the kitchen to see whether he and Caryn would be home if they stopped by later that day.

The guys put the plans in place and Amy reluctantly agreed to tag along. Not only was Amy feeling uncomfortable about the meeting, but Caryn was a little caught off guard as well.

The Roloffs of LPBW on TLC
Chris, Amy, Matt, and Caryn hung out together at Caryn’s new house. Pic credit: TLC

Caryn gets ‘anxiety’ when Chris and Amy stop by

“Matt kind of threw me that Chris and Amy were popping by, which is good, but I still get a little anxiety over it,” Caryn admitted, “I still always wonder, like, ‘Oh, does she really want to come over here?’ Um, but, we’re working on it. Every little step, I think, is in the right direction.”

Chris and Amy had Matt and Caryn over to Amy’s new house earlier this season and things stayed cordial between the two couples.

Matt was apprehensive about Amy coming to Caryn’s

Matt talked to the cameras about his experience being around Amy.

“You know, Amy and I have lots of cordial conversations, but you never know which Amy’s going to show up,” Matt told the cameras.

He added, “Sometimes when Amy shows up, and she’s in a great place, and then you’ll say the wrong thing, and whoops, you know, things go, you know, south quick. You know, really quick. If she comes and she’s locked and loaded, I want to have a couple of clips ready to go, too.”

Caryn Chandler of LPBW on TLC
The whole reason Chris persuaded Amy to go to Caryn’s was to see her new deck. Pic credit: TLC

Once Chris and Amy arrived at Caryn’s, things weren’t as tense as everyone anticipated they would be. Caryn and Amy even had a meaningful conversation about growing up with dwarfism.

Things did get slightly awkward though when Amy mistakenly referred to Chris as Matt. Caryn even admitted that Matt has mistakenly called her Amy on several occasions.

Amy told the cameras, “I think it’ll always be rare for the four of us to get together, but I’m glad that we can do that when we need to, or whatever the occasion may arise.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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