LPBW spoiler: Zach Roloff calls mom Amy ‘the face of pumpkin season,’ Caryn returns to help

Amy and Zach Roloff of LPBW
Zach Roloff said his mom is the “face of pumpkin season.” Pic credit: TLC

The Roloff family had a lot to consider before opening their first pumpkin season on the farm during a pandemic, and on tonight’s episode of Little People, Big World, Amy and Caryn changed up their roles.

Matt and Caryn, along with Zach and Tori, and the current manager of pumpkin season, KT, sat around to discuss what they would have to do differently than last year to make pumpkin season successful.

Caryn became involved again in pumpkin season’s operations

Caryn, who ran pumpkin season for over a decade, returned to a lighter role during last year’s pumpkin season, more so giving suggestions.

One suggestion Caryn had was to set up more photo opportunities for guests. Matt’s longtime girlfriend revealed that guests were coming mainly for photo ops, anyway.

Matt’s ex-wife, Amy Roloff, is well-known for dressing up in costume during pumpkin season and brings in tons of guest photo ops.

Amy returned as the ‘face of pumpkin season’ after taking a step back

Zach sat down for his interview with his wife, Tori, and told cameras, “My mom’s not part of the big decision-making of pumpkin season this year, but my mom loves taking photos and so she’s still planning on participating.”

He continued, “After taking a step back last year, I’m glad she’ll be more involved this year.”

A flashback showed Amy during a past pumpkin season, dressed in costume, as she normally does for the thousands of guests and fans that line up for pics with the Roloff matriarch.

Zach admitted, “My mom’s almost the face of pumpkin season in a way, showing her presence and saying hi to everyone. And it’s just a big part of a lot of people’s experience.”

Caryn had taken a step back from running pumpkin season after a decade

“I used to run pumpkin season forever and we decided it was just time for me to take a step back to keep the peace,” Caryn revealed during her interview.

Matt added, “Caryn and I decided, ‘Hey, it’s probably best if she is not involved in the pumpkin season. She graciously and respectfully took a step back.”

Caryn and Matt, who met while she was still running pumpkin season, laughed when Matt told her that she got a two-year break from running pumpkin season.

Did Caryn make a Freudian slip?

Continuing their joint interview, Caryn misspoke when she told cameras, “I’m married to the guy that owns a pumpkin patch. How could I not be into it? So…”

She caught her mistake after a few seconds, looking at Matt and saying, “I’m not married. Did I say married?”

Matt got a kick out of Caryn’s mistake and told her, “Yeah, you did!” and laughed.

Caryn corrected her statement and told cameras, “I feel like I’m married to the guy with a pumpkin patch. Good God,” she said while the two continued to laugh.

Matt added, “You’re almost married to a guy with the pumpkin patch, is the way I could put it.”

A producer spoke up from behind the scenes and said, “Some day… some day.”

Caryn and Matt smiled silently before Matt answered, “Maybe,” while the couple looked coyly at each other.

Matt and Caryn, who are avid travelers, sparked engagement rumors earlier this year when Matt replied to a fan comment on an Instagram post.

When a fan commented on his post, “Marry that woman!” Matt replied, “Maybe I will !! You’ll have to wait and see. :))”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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