LPBW: Isabel Roloff explains why she and Jacob decided to protect son Mateo’s privacy online

LPBW stars Isabel and Mateo Roloff
Isabel Roloff explained why she and her husband Jacob decided to keep their son Mateo’s identity private online. Pic credit: @rolofffarms/Instagram/@isabelsofiarock/Instagram

Little People, Big World stars Isabel and Jacob Roloff won’t be sharing their son Mateo’s identity with their social media followers and Isabel recently explained why.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Isabel and Jacob welcomed their son Mateo, their first child, on Dec. 4.

Before his birth, Jacob made it clear that he wouldn’t be sharing any images of his son on social media.

In September, Jacob told his fans on Instagram, “Thank you thank you for friendly comments however none of you (online) will ever ‘see’ my son ❤ it is, specifically, not personal.”

LPBW star Isabel Roloff explains why she and Jacob are hesitant to share information about son Mateo

Now, Jacob’s wife and new mom, Isabel Roloff has explained why they chose to shield Mateo from the public eye.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to answer a Q&A while Mateo was napping, Isabel answered a curious fan who asked about her and Jacob’s hesitancy to share information about baby Mateo.

“You seem hesitant to share any info about the baby and his birth,” the fan told Isabel. “Is there a reason why?”

isabel roloff explains why she and jacob won't show mateo's face online
Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

Isabel explained, “We knew before we had him that we wanted to protect his privacy online.”

“How that looks was always going to change because you don’t know until you’re in it, how you’re going to feel, what you’re going to feel comfortable sharing when baby is really here.”

Isabel then shared that she and Jacob have been checking in with each other regularly to make sure they’re on the same page when it comes to sharing information about Mateo online.

“Ultimately Jacob said from the beginning that we will share very little about our kids and I agreed. So now we are navigating that daily, checking in with each other about comfortability and what we choose to share.”

Isabel Roloff teases sharing her birth story

Isabel has teased that she might eventually share her traumatic birth story, and told her fans, “As for the birth, I will probably share eventually but it will be focused on me and my experience of course and less about baby. Hope that makes sense ?”

Isabel shared recently that baby Mateo spent some time in the NICU but didn’t specify why or for how long.

The new mom doted on Jacob in his new role as a dad, telling her fans that he “exceeded” her expectations as a father to Mateo.

Isabel and Jacob haven’t shared any pics of Mateo online except for teasing a pic of his tiny, newborn fingers grasping Isabel’s finger on his ride home from the hospital.

Mateo’s name pays homage to Jacob’s father, Matt Roloff, and Isabel’s late brother, Tomás, as well as Isabel’s Chilean heritage. Mateo marks the sixth grandchild of the ever-expanding Roloff family.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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