Love Island USA star Aimee Flores speaks out on Wes Ogsbury

Aimee and Wes on Love Island USA
Aimee and Wes on Love Island USA. Pic credit: @aimeeflores_/Instagram

Last week, there were a lot of questions surrounding Aimee Flores and Wes Ogsbury and their relationship following Love Island USA.

They left the villa together and were the first couple to show they were making things work in the real world before any other couple had a chance.

However, Aimee stopped following Wes last week, deleted all the pictures of them together, and then posted an IG Live message that said she apologized to herself for “letting too much slide.”

There is now good news on the Wes and Aimee front.

Aimee is still with Wes after Love Island USA

Aimee unfollowed Wes and deleted all the pics of him from her Instagram page last week. However, it seems they are back together again — if they even broke up at all.

Aimee has re-followed Wes on Instagram. She also added all their photos back to her account.

On top of that, Aimee took to her IG Stories and posted something to confirm that she is still with Wes.

In the post, she said that she was having dinner with Wes and his family. She also had a couple of videos that showed Wes at some event that included a toast being given.

It was clear that something happened between Aimee and Wes, but it is possible that it was either a misunderstanding or it was something that the two worked out because Aimee is acting like nothing was ever wrong to begin with and it is all back to normal.

Aimee and Wes are still together, unlike other Love Island couples

Aimee and Wes left the villa early and lost the chance to be the winning couple on Love Island USA.

Out of the four couples that made it to the finale, only one is as strong as Aimee and Wes appeared.

Will and Kyra are still together, and they seem like one of the best connections outside of Shannon and Josh, who left early when Josh’s sister died.

Another finals couple broke up instantly when Charlie and Alana proved they were not going to make it outside the villa.

Jeremy and Bailey were a huge fan favorite after the show ended but he has since told her that he liked someone else outside the villa and broke things off.

There is still no word on how serious winners Olivia and Korey are.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Catch up with all the love connections from Season 3 on Paramount+.

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