Love Island USA Season 3: Who will the guys pick at the next recoupling?

Love Island USA Season 3 spoilers teases its the guys turn to pick in the recoupling.
Life in the villa will once again be shaken after the next recoupling on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

It’s time to shake things up again on Love Island USA Season 3 with another recoupling ceremony. This time around, the guys are making the decisions.

Thanks to new islanders Isaiah Harmison, Florita Diaz, Lei-Yen Rapp, and Roxy Ahmad entering the villa, some heads have turned, and one islander may have finally made a real connection.

The count currently stands with nine girls and seven guys. Yes, two of the ladies will get the boot following the next recoupling ceremony, which should occur in the next episode or two.

In honor of what’s to come on Love Island USA, we are predicting who the guys will pick and who will go home.

Which Love Island USA Season 3 guys’ choices are easy to predict?

Love Island USA certainly keeps viewers on their toes. Ahead of the ceremony, there are three guys whose choices we feel are already a lock.

Jeremy Hershberg will pick Aimee Flores, who is his current partner. These two are far from an it couple, but no one else has caught Jeremy’s eye. Plus, they do have some sparks, so he will stick with Aimee for now.

Josh Goldstein will choose Shannon St Clair. Even though Isaiah turned her head, too many red flags about Shannon caused Isaiah to lose interest. Shannon seems to be playing games with Josh, which he keeps allowing for now.

Will Moncada will stick with Kyra Lizama. They have major chemistry, and so far, no one else has even piqued either one of their interests. The Casa Amor twist is coming soon, which could shake this couple.

Which Love Island USA Season 3 guys’ choices are challenging to predict?

The rest guys we think will make some surprising choices because of their own feelings and the new arrivals.

Melvin “Cinco” Holland, Jr. will pick Trina Njoroge. After all, he did choose her over Cashay Proudfoot, even though Cinco is currently coupled up with Cashay.

Isaiah will choose Cashay. Thanks to a Love Island USA preview, fans know these two build a connection after sharing a passionate kiss.

Korey Gandy will couple up with Florita. She caught his attention from the second she walked into the villa. Florita was into him too. They seem like they will make a good match. Plus, Korey deserves a woman who’s willing to give him a fair shot.

Last but not least Javonny Vega will pick Roxy Ahmad. Yes, it’s a surprising prediction. However, Javonny has no connection with Olivia Kaiser, his current partner, and sadly for Lei-Yen she doesn’t seem to be his type.

Based on our predictions, Lei-Yen and Olivia will be going home after the next recoupling.

Do you agree or disagree with our predictions of who the guys will pick at the next recoupling ceremony?

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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