Love Island USA: Are Laurel and Carrington still together?

Laurel and Carrington took 4th place in the Love Island finale. Pic Credit: CBS

While major love connections formed on Love Island USA like Jaleb and Jely, this season also had its breakups.

Third place finishers Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas recently announced their breakup on Instagram, citing the reason as being too busy and their schedules not matching up, the couple parted ways a few weeks after leaving the show.

However 4th place finishers Laurel Goldman and Carrington Rodriguez left with a huge question mark on their relationship.

The distance continues to be an issue

In a recent Youtube video on her channel, Laurel from Love Island confessed that she doesn’t want to leave the state she was raised in. Alabama holds a big spot in the southern belle’s heart and can’t see herself leaving.

Since leaving the Love Island finale, Laurel has visited Carrington in his home state of Utah.

However, fans questioned if the trip went wrong since it was so short. In her Q&A session, she cleared up the rumors.

She revealed that, due to appearing on the show, he took a lot of time off from work. Due to him working so much now to catch up, the trip had to be short.

Are Laurel and Carrington still together?

When it comes to the highly anticipated “Are you and Carrington still together?” question, she smoothly says, “We’re fine.”

She reminds viewers they’ve only known each other a little over a month and are taking things day by day. Being in a reality TV romance has its difficulties, and the thousands of miles between them doesn’t make it easier.

Laurel and Carrington didn’t leave the show in a relationship and are still working toward putting a label on it.

However, fans aren’t convinced. One fan wrote, “Honestly Carrington has made it clear that he would never move to Alabama and he wants to live to LA.”

A fan gives their honest opinion about the relationship. Pic Credit: Laurel Goldman/Youtube

Laurel has made it clear she’s not looking to leave her home state while fans predict that Carrington will be following the paths of other Love Island stars in moving to Southern California.

In her video, she says that LA is a beautiful place with a lot of things to do but she can’t see herself living somewhere so expensive. Her family is in Alabama and she can’t see herself moving far away from them.

Only time will tell if this Love Island couple will make it work but for now, at least we don’t have another breakup to report.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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