Liz replies to a 90 Day Fiance fan post with the real truth about what happened in Vegas

Big Ed and Liz
Liz revealed the real truth about what happened in Vegas and why she left Big Ed alone there. Pic credit: TLC

A well known Instagram fan account, @90daysfianceclip, posted the scene of Liz and Big Ed making up back in San Diego after Liz left him in Las Vegas, and they tagged Liz in the caption.

Liz, seemingly annoyed by Ed playing the victim, responded by saying, “I will stick up for myself!!!!!!!” She accompanied this sentiment with a much longer explanation of what really happened in Vegas and detailed that she left because of something they didn’t show on the episode.

Liz said, “I left Ed’s a** in Vegas because Tiffany’s friend was so rude making the comments and Tiffany prided into it. I didn’t want it to affect Ed’s night because he was oblivious to it and I kept quiet. For him!!! I tried to be the bigger person. Ed tried to pick a fight in old town Las Vegas in front of a crown [sic] asking me what was wrong and I didn’t want people recording us. I kept my mouth shut ‘begging him to talk about it in private’ He kept pushing for it.”

Liz continued by explaining the real reason she left on the next flight back. “We got back to our hotel and Ed was so upset I didn’t want to discuss something so personal in public he called the airline in front of my face at 3 am to book a ticket home trying to leave me in Vegas. He left the room to finish the call and I didn’t know he didn’t go through with it. Me thinking he went through with it I went online and booked a ticket myself! $400 later and me being a mom on a budget I left. I am not sorry for it.”

Liz stuck up for the way she was portrayed by Ed in the Vegas situation

@90daysfianceclip posted the scene where Liz and Big Ed made up from the Vegas incident once they were back in San Diego.

Liz forgave Ed for his terrible communication in Vegas

Liz’s comment about sticking up for herself against her portrayal from Vegas and subsequent description of what took place got a lot of attention from fans.

On the show, it seemed like Liz left on a whim because of what Tiffany and her friends were saying in the club when it was really Ed’s relentless and public prying that set her off. On top of that, he manipulated her to think he was the one taking the next flight home.

IG comments from Liz about Big Ed
Liz wanted to set the record straight about what happened din Vegas. Pic credit: @90daysfianceclip/Instagram
IG comments from Liz about Big Ed
Liz’s unapologetic description about why she left Ed in Vegas got over 120 likes, Pic credit: @90daysfianceclip/Instagram

Liz is done defending Big Ed

Liz went on to declare that, “I believe everything now that I tried not to feed into!!!! Love is blind people!!!!”

IG comments from Liz about Big Ed
Liz declared that she is now believing what people have been saying about Ed. Pic credit: @90daysfianceclip/Instagram

It is unclear what exactly set Liz off to want to tell her truth about the situation in this manner, but it could have to do with the way Ed portrayed her on the show.

Ed has been stirred up in controversy for a sexual assault allegation in the past and has received a lot of criticism for his interest in young foreign girls.

Liz had nicer words about Ed earlier this week when she posted a break up picture on her Instagram.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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