Lisa Vanderpump posts proof she reached out to PK after home invasion, says RHOBH cast ignored her accident

lisa vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump reached out to Dorit and PK Kemsley after their traumatic home invasion. Pic credit: Bravo

The first episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 premiered this week with a bang, and the main focus was the home invasion that Dorit Kemsley suffered, where she was robbed at gunpoint and feared for her and her kids’ lives. It was a highly emotional episode for the Housewives and also for viewers.

Lisa Vanderpump may have been away from RHOBH for three years, but still remains in the fray among the current cast. Lisa was the Housewife who introduced Dorit to the show, with her and husband Ken Todd being friends with PK Kemsley for years.

After the traumatic violation that the Kemsley family endured, Lisa reached out to them over text, but didn’t receive a reply.

Lisa sent a text to PK after the home invasion

While Lisa and Dorit were once close friends, it’s safe to say the former co-stars were no longer on good terms when Lisa left the show after Season 9, not even showing up for the reunion.

Dorit was a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday, and was asked if she heard from Lisa after the news of her home invasion broke. Dorit said she had not heard from LVP at all.

Lisa took great offense to this claim, and took to Twitter to post proof that she had, in fact, reached out to PK specifically. She posted a copy of the text she sent to convince fans that she did reach out to the Kemsley’s to show her support.

However, savvy internet sleuths are saying this text thread is fake. In an Instagram post from account @MrHousewives, fans posted proof that the text was fabricated by Lisa.

“The text messages appear to look a little odd, especially to those who have an iPhone. Lisa’s texts seem to have a square on top of the bubble instead of just a bubble. Fans were saying that Lisa photoshopped the text by covering up the blue bubbles with text in a blue square,” the Instagram post claimed.

Lisa suffered a horseback riding accident in January

Lisa injured herself when riding a horse at a Los Angeles area riding club when she fell off the animal, after it got scared during the ride and she was bucked off and Lisa went over the front of the horse. Lisa had to have surgery, and fractured her leg in four places.

However, Lisa said that neither Dorit nor PK reached out to her after her accident. She claims to be unbothered by this, and said she had “pillars of support” from others during a time in her life where she most needed it.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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