Lisa Hamme claims Sojaboy used her to sell music, 90 Day Fiance star calls out Nigerian husband for ‘lies’

Lissa Hamme and Usman Umar
Lisa Hamme has put Usman Umar on blast. Pic credit: TLC

Lisa Hamme has finally admitted something that 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers suspected all along. Usman Umar is using her and didn’t marry her for love.

The big reveal came on Friday night as Lisa and her manager Rocco took to Instagram Live to put Usman on blast for more than 40 minutes.

What did Lisa Hamme say about her husband Usman Umar?

The conversation started with Lisa making claims that someone was keeping her from going live on Instagram, so instead she had Rocco go live and invite her in.

Then, Lisa made her claim that she is a “victim of romance scam.”

“My husband has used TLC, his family, his friends…. people around the world,” Lisa began. “And I’m going to apologize to everyone here. I did not know that my husband Usman/Sojaboy was that desperate to become a singer that he would use me and his family and friends and TLC… the show.”

She continued, “The interviews he has been doing [are] nothing but a publicity stunt for you people to buy his music, to be his followers. He blocked me on all platforms so I don’t know what’s going on and that’s the sad part because everyone comes and tells me what’s going on.”

Rocco interjected at that point to explain that Lisa gets sent screenshots of what Usman is up to.

Lisa claims Sojaboy was ‘never a celebrity in Nigeria’

In the lengthy Instagram Live, Lisa also explained that “Sojaboy was never a celebrity in Nigeria.” Instead, she says he was a soldier in the country but that he’s been AWOL for some time now as he tries to build his music career.

She went on to say that at the time she agreed to do Before the 90 Days with him, Lisa and Sojaboy had already been together for two years and she truly believed they had a real relationship. She even introduced him to her kid after a year together, claiming that to be a big deal and that she doesn’t “bring strangers into her kid’s life.”

Lisa claims she was a good wife

Lisa Hamme confirmed that she and Usman Umar got married on August 29, 2019, and said in the nearly one year they have been married, she has been a good wife to him.

“But after hearing the garbage coming out of Sojaboy’s mouth,” Lisa said. “Saying that I tried to hang myself and commit suicide… Big f**k up Sojaboy. Big f**k up. I would never think suicide over any man.”

“You f**king used me, you used my kid, you used the people from TLC, you used the other cast…” Lisa added. “Guess what Sojaboy, it stops here. It stops tonight. You have humiliated yourself, me, my daughter, your siblings, your friends. You are nothing more than a scammer. You’ve done nothing but cheat.”

Lisa then said that if it wasn’t for the pandemic, she might just fly to Abuja to press charges, claiming “this man has put me through hell.”

“The facts are out Sojaboy! Come for me on one more interview… one more! I promise you Sojaboy, big mistake because every f**king interview you do, every one, I’m coming behind you,” Lisa said as she promised to continue putting her story out there.

The Instagram Live continued for several more minutes while Lisa put Usman on blast and claimed that he thinks he is the “breakout star” of the show this season. We’ve heard that from another Before the 90 Days cast member and it never ends well.

As for Lisa, she insists that she really loves Usman Umar and that she thought it was real. Now, she wishes she hadn’t even gone on the show.

Check out the rest of Lisa’s message as she puts Usman on blast below. It’s an eye-opener!

Lisa and Usman on Before the 90 Days

It’s been a rough ride for Lisa and Usman on Season 4 of Before the 90 Days, both on-screen and off.

On-screen, we just watched Lisa and Usman get engaged right before their wedding day. They argued about the engagement because the pair had been fighting and bickering since she landed in Nigeria.

Usman was even accused of stealing the song that he “wrote” for Lisa.

The controversial couple even managed to spark a petition to have Lisa removed from the show.

Now, as the season comes to an end, it looks like their relationship is ending too.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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Ellen Brehony
Ellen Brehony
3 years ago


3 years ago

I don’t think he ever made it to the US, he is still in Nigeria. BGLisa should have known better, the Nigerians are famous for their scams.

3 years ago

She is just a b…check. She is nobody. Take her off the show. What a disgrace she is

Chris Grayson
Chris Grayson
3 years ago

Hard to imagine anything would embarrass her child more than her filthy mouth. BGSleaza needs vocabulary lessons. I cringed everything she went on a rage and then, of course, said “I’m Done” and stomped off (to smoke a cigarette?). And how she couldn’t figure out Sojaboy wanted to go to the US far more than he cared for her, was unbelievable. What a loser.

1 year ago

Seriously? She really thought this was love? I’m so confused. I’m older then Lisa & Kimberly both and I look WAY YOUNGER!! Even I would not believe it’s love if it was me!! What are they thinking? Of course it’s all PR !! He’s trying to crossover to the states. Just being on 90 Days pushed his career forward. It’s too bad though he didn’t know about bad publicity in the States. Ok now I have a question. Why does Lisa have a “manager”? LOL!! She enjoys giving 10% to him for…..what? All her acting jobs? She needs to come back to earth. Hopefully it’ll be a soft landing.