Lindsie Chrisley blasts Abby Lee Miller for using Todd Chrisley for clout

Lindsie Chrisley on Dr. Phil.
Lindsie Chrisley calls out Abby Lee Miller. Pic credit: CBS

Lindsie Chrisley isn’t here for the comments about her father, Chrisley Knows Best star, Todd Chrisley.

Both he and his wife, Julie Chrisley, are serving time in federal prisons. Todd is in Florida, while Julie is in Kentucky.

The former reality TV star talked about the situation on her The Southern Tea podcast, which is unusual as Lindsie is generally pretty private about her life.

She opened up about not being able to see Julie yet, and the different processes between the two prisons where her parents will spend the next several years of their lives.

Lindsie revealed that she has been in contact with Todd, but things with Julie are complicated because of the paperwork and other steps that have to be completed.

Another part of the conversation focused on comments about Todd Chrisley by people who don’t know the family or are using his name for headlines and clout.

Lindsie Chrisley calls out Abby Lee Miller

Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller wasted no time discussing Todd Chrisley and his prison endeavors.

She has been there too, and when she decided to speak out and comment on his situation, it didn’t sit well with Lindsie Chrisley.

Abby called Todd “bougie” and said he would struggle with the “soap and towels.” That was an apparent dig at the rumors about Todd’s sexuality that have plagued the family since they debuted on television a decade ago.

On her podcast, Lindsie slammed Abby, saying, “She knows as well as her team that everything on my family is currently being reported. Frankly, if someone in my family farted, it would be reported… she wanted to gain press for her project. I can assure you there’s no concern over towels or soap.”

It’s clear that Lindsie wasn’t going to allow Abby’s comments to carry any weight, and she put it out there that she was just “thirsty for headlines.”

Why are Todd and Julie Chrisley in federal prison?

Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion in 2022.

The couple was sentenced in November 2022, with Todd receiving 12 years and Julie receiving seven.

Savannah Chrisley is currently the guardian of the two youngest Chrisley children, Grayson and Chloe.

Lindsie Chrisley reconciled with her parents after quite some time of not speaking and having some serious issues between them. Once the legal matters got severe, things seemed to be handled between them, and Lindsie supported Todd and Julie.

The Chrisleys are currently appealing their convictions and still maintain their innocence.

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