Life After Lockup exclusive: Puppy gets news about her adoption

Puppy on Life After Lockup.
Puppy and Amber consult an attorney about the adoption papers Vince sent her. Pic credit: WeTV

It’s the adoption that just keeps on giving on Life After Lockup.

When Amber was in a relationship with Vince on Love After Lockup, she revealed that he had adopted Puppy in an effort to get more money from the military and send them both cash for their books.

However, that isn’t how things played out.

Puppy called Vince following her release

When Puppy was released, she called Vince from the place she and Amber stopped to eat. He wasn’t too thrilled to hear from her, and since then, she has been wondering how to undo the adoption.

In this exclusive clip from this week’s Life After Lockup, Puppy follows through with her quest to get the adoption handled.

Amber and Puppy are shown heading to an attorney to show the paperwork and hear what the options are regarding Vince adopting her.

The attorney advises Puppy that she is named Vince’s heir, which means that should anything happen to him, she would be the beneficiary. That leaves her with a decision to make about whether she should remain his adopted daughter, or seek to set the adoption aside.

Following their conversation, the attorney speaks with the cameras, revealing she does believe that Vince was running a scam. There weren’t a lot of details about why he did what he did, but at this point, Puppy doesn’t stand to lose anything by remaining his heir in this situation.

What is happening between Amber and Puppy?

It is very clear that Puppy wants more from Amber than she is willing to give. They had a tough conversation following a night of drinking and waking up in the same bed, but a resolution hasn’t happened yet.

Amber is in a relationship with someone else who is incarcerated. She filmed a confessional as he called her, which led to speculation that she has a new man. There was clarification that she has known this guy for a while and he isn’t anyone random like Vince was.

It will be interesting to see where Puppy and Amber go from here. What will happen when she learns about Amber’s guy and things change between them? With Puppy’s feelings on the line, their friendship could fall apart.

Be sure to tune in weekly and find out!

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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