Life After Lockup exclusive: Lindsey Downs talks sobriety and life after prison

Lindsey Downs on Life After Lockup.
Lindsey Downs has one of the redemption stories on Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Lindsey Downs has been a part of Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup with three partners.

Her story began with Scott, who she met while in prison. He moved his life to Mississippi and promised her the world, but it all came crashing down when she was released. It wasn’t what he promised, and Lindsey didn’t know how to integrate into the real world in the situation she was living in.

When her stint on Love After Lockup began airing, she was already back in prison. Then, Lindsey had a friend reach out to Daonte, and the two became friends, which turned into a long-distance dating situation. She moved in with Blaine when she was released from prison, and while she was still with Daonte, things weren’t the same. That was her first season on Life After Lockup.

Flash forward to the present day, and Lindsey is in a relationship with Blaine. They filmed the most recent season of Life After Lockup, sharing the ups and downs of their relationship with the world.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Lindsey, but she has a positive outlook for the future, and her relationship with her daughter, Miley, is more stable than ever.

Lindsey spoke with Monsters and Critics about her time on the show and what sober life looks like for her now.

Lindsey Downs talks about how she got cast for Love After Lockup

Being part of Love After Lockup is a unique experience, something Lindsey Downs knows all about.

She revealed that Scott was the one who applied for the show, and while she was apprehensive at first, he talked her into it.

Lindsey said, “Scott applied for us to be on the show. I was very unsure about it at first, but he thought it would be a unique experience, and I have to say, he was right (for once)! Being a part of Love After Lockup is such an amazing journey, and I have had a lot of fun with it!”

While their relationship fell apart when she was released and moved into the home he purchased, it doesn’t seem that Lindsey was put off by the experience of being on reality TV because of it.

The Life After Lockup star also elaborated on how she got into contact with Daonte while in prison.

She revealed, “I was back in jail by the time my season started airing, so I had never gotten to experience what it was like to be on the show as far as social media and live tweeting and such. I reached out to Daonte on Instagram (well, a friend did it for me from my account) after seeing his first commercial simply because I thought he was hot (I believe they showed a brief clip of him shirtless), and I wanted to connect with someone else from the show. For the first few months, we were only friends, and it just grew from there!”

Following that release, that’s when she ended up with Blaine. Their friendship turned into more, and while they are still working through communication issues, Blaine and Lindsey remain together.

She said, “I am truly learning to be in a relationship for the first time. Although Daonte and I dated, it was all long-distance. Being with Blaine day in and day out and having a more conventional relationship has been a HUGE adjustment for me, but totally worth it! We face a lot of common problems like communication issues and disagreements over money, but we are working through them (thanks to therapy).”

The communication issues are still there, though. When asked whether they are better, Lindsey said, “I would say better, but only some. It’s a slow process. Blaine and I tend to go from intense highs to extreme lows, which can be emotionally exhausting. I can say things are good as of now! Tomorrow, however, is another story completely!”

Lindsey Downs reveals how she is staying sober and what’s helped her get there

Watching Lindsey Downs on this season of Life After Lockup compared to her time on Love After Lockup is like watching two different people. Her sobriety is a priority, and her relationship with her daughter has improved since she decided to better herself and live a straight life.

When asked about how she keeps walking her sobriety journey, Lindsey replied, “Church, therapy, and a strong support system. For me, I didn’t go looking for new “people, places, and things” but after I started making real changes, I began to attract healthy people into my life. Most of my current friends I actually met through church or addiction support groups! Combine being surrounded by supportive people with intensive therapy, and BAM! You have recovery! I ignored my mental health in the past, and it always has led to relapse, so now I am active in mental health treatment, addiction specialized therapy, and some amazing support groups, and I’ve never felt so solid in my sobriety!”

As for her relationship with Miley, Lindsey praised her daughter, saying, “My relationship with Mylie is better than I ever imagined it would be in such a short time. Kids are resilient, and my daughter flourished under my mother’s care. She has been very forgiving about my time in prison and doesn’t hold a grudge. Although I know I can never make up for the time I lost with her, I am very focused on my relationship with her now and in the future. Also- family therapy has been amazing for us (I am in A LOT of therapy!)!”

Like with any reality TV program, some people think they know more about someone than they do. That’s the case with Lindsey as well. When asked whether there were misconceptions she wanted to clear up, the WEtv personality revealed there were so many that she didn’t know where to begin. It’s an honest answer, as there have been so many ups and downs highlighted that managing the facts versus fiction could be a never-ending job for her.

Lindsey was asked about advice she’d give someone struggling as she did, offering up, “ASK FOR HELP! I tried to get sober on my own on four separate occasions and never succeeded in making it past the fourth day. Each and every time, I broke on day four. It was discouraging and TOTALLY AVOIDABLE! There are options available and people who want to help! Anyone struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder can reach out to the SAMHSA’s national hotline by calling 1-800-662-4357 (también en español!) anytime, day or night! Even if you aren’t ready to quit, give them a call just to hear about your options, you never know!”

Life After Lockup is currently on hiatus.

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