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Life After Lockup exclusive: Lindsey books a modeling shoot

Lindsey in a Life After Lockup confessional.
Lindsey wants to model. Pic credit: We TV

Life After Lockup is back with more new episodes and new couples.

Season 3 of Love After Lockup just ended, and with that, three of those couples will be moving over to the spin-off show.

Scott and Lindsey have been one of the most talked-about couples in the franchise. They have moved to Life After Lockup and brought their drama with them.

Lindsey wants to model

In this exclusive sneak peek from Life After Lockup, viewers learn that Lindsey wants to pursue modeling. She wants a way to be able to make her own money and to have freedom with doing so.

There is skepticism from Scott, who reminds Lindsey she isn’t as young as she once was. It clearly offended her, which wasn’t surprising. As he continued to ask questions, her attitude was getting stronger.

During a confessional, Lindsey revealed that Scott had promised to give her a job. She would be working for his company in the financial department. That has yet to pan out, which has the young mom upset. She wants access to her own money, which is something that currently is not happening.

She booked the photoshoot they were headed to, but he was concerned. Scott doesn’t believe this will be a feasible option for Lindsey and seemed to worry about the content that would be filmed.

What will happen between Scott and Lindsey?

When Season 3 of Love After Lockup ended, Scott and Lindsey appeared to be working on their relationship. Miley Grace moved in with them on a trial basis, but viewers only saw a glimpse of that.

Tara Belle is also a big secret that is hanging over the couple. Lindsey revealed that she and her “friend” had been together for six years. They were not just friends, but also lovers.

Since Lindsey didn’t disclose that to Scott, Tara Belle was worried about where things would go. In a confessional on Love After Lockup, she revealed she was unsure about their relationship because Lindsey was building her life there with him.

Based on speculation, it looks like there may be more secrets in Lindsey’s closet than just Tara Belle. Now that the couple has moved to the spin-off, it will be interesting to see how life has changed for them since viewers last saw them and the amount of time that has passed between filming both shows.

To find out what happens with Lindsey and her modeling gig, be sure to tune in!

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on We TV.