Life After Lockup exclusive: Lacey and Shane want to expand their family

Shane and Lacey in their Life After Lockup confessionals.
Shane and Lacey are ready to expand their family. Pic credit: WEtv.

Life After Lockup couple Lacey and Shane just reconciled on last week’s episode, but they already have big plans for their future.

Before their blowup last season, they went to look into starting a family together and met with a fertility specialist. Lacey already has children, but Shane doesn’t have any of his own, yet.

Now that they have worked through the John situation and have chosen to be together and continue on with their marriage, things are looking up for the couple.

Lacey wants to have Shane’s baby

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Lacey and Shane pick up a few months after they reconciled at the pier. While the exact time frame isn’t clear, it looks like it was somewhere around three months after the reconciliation based on comments Shane made.

The couple has remained home while the coronavirus shut down the country, and Lacey reveals she is struggling to get the kids to do their schoolwork while they are home. Shane has been able to meet all of his guidelines for probation given to him by the courts, and he paid his fines and restitution as well.

Now is the time to add a baby into the mix. As Lacey speaks with her friend Miranda on video chat, she reveals that they are looking to expand their family. They have already started the IVF process, but that is the only update she gave in the clip.

What is going on with Lacey and Shane now?

Currently, the couple cannot talk about upcoming episodes of the show. Life After Lockup viewers know that Lacey took a pregnancy test while the cameras were rolling as shown in the trailer, but which episode it will air on remains to be seen.

There has been speculation the couple is expecting for weeks, but the IVF journey is the only thing that has been confirmed. Lacey and Shane both talked about expanding their family since their reality television journey began, and now, they are taking steps toward that.

It looks like things between the couple are going well. They are semi-active on social media and have been answering fan questions that don’t spoil the show.

As far as when Life After Lockup viewers will find out if Lacey is expecting after her IVF journey, they will have to tune in each week. There are only three episodes left of the four-part special series.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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Amy Kennedy
Amy Kennedy
3 years ago

I love this couple I wish them luck