Life After Lockup exclusive: Josh is done with Cheryl

Josh during his Life After Lockup confessional.
Josh is done having it out with Cheryl and wants her gone. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple Cheryl and Josh were moved to the spin-off, Life After Lockup following their appearance.

Viewers watched as the couple was back and forth a lot the first time around, and it looks like that hasn’t changed.

Following filming Love After Lockup, Cheryl and Josh split. She left him in Colorado and went back to Texas.

That didn’t last for long as she ended up packing up all of her things and her toddler son to move back to be with him while filming Life After Lockup.

Josh ends things with Cheryl

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Cheryl and Josh are back to arguing. He wants to be done fighting with her, and she continues to go on about his mom and the sacrifices she made for him while he was locked up.

Cheryl gave a lot up to be able to take care of Josh while he was in prison. Her sister warned her about guys like him, but she didn’t want to listen.

Instead, she left her kids with her parents while she went to meet Josh and start a life with him.

Now, Josh has had enough. He acknowledges that nothing has changed from their first go-round, finally admitting he is done. Josh tells Cheryl to head to Michigan to be with her parents.

They had just moved from Texas, and it looks like she may be joining them.

They fight back and forth and exchange harsh words, but will this be the end of things for them, or will they reconcile before she leaves with her son?

The other Life After Lockup couples

While Cheryl and Josh will be going through a lot, the other couples are also having their fair share of drama.

Last week on Life After Lockup, Shane revealed to Lacey that he had cheated on her before they were married. That is going to send her into a spiral, and she will turn to John. This love triangle is far from over.

Andrea and Lamar will also face a tough time when she finds something she doesn’t like. As the two battle it out, it could change everything for them.

Tracie and Clint were settling back in following her arrest in Texas and him bonding her out. She ends up going missing again, and he is beside himself wondering where she will end up and if she will come back to him.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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