Life After Lockup exclusive: Is Branwin cheating on Chazz?

Chazz on Life After Lockup.
Chazz finds out disappointing information about Branwin. Pic credit: WEtv

Life After Lockup couple Chazz and Branwin are one of the least stable couples on the show.

They rushed into marriage following her release from prison but have yet to live together as she continues her life in one state and he lives in another.

Chazz has attempted to see his wife several times, but things don’t work out or end well each time. Branwin doesn’t seem interested in him yet continues to string him along.

She did agree to move with him, begrudgingly. That has not yet happened, and based on the sneak peek from this week’s Life After Lockup, it may never happen.

In this Life After Lockup exclusive preview, Chazz is contacted by someone Branwin used to know. The message he receives reveals that she is back to her old ways.

Unfortunately for him, Branwin appears to be doing exactly what the message said.

Now that Chazz has found out Branwin is back on an escort site, he has to decide where his marriage is headed.

He appeared to waffle back and forth about how he felt, hoping that maybe she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Is Branwin cheating on Chazz?

Be sure to tune in to find out how this all goes down.

Life After Lockup airs Fridays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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