Life After Lockup exclusive: Brittany heads to Alaska

Brittany in a Life After Lockup confessional.
Brittany returns to Alaska with her mom to face Jackie. Pic credit: WeTV

Brittany Santiago has done a lot of work on herself since she debuted on Love After Lockup.

Her marriage to Marcelino coupled with their growing family placed them on the map for their move to Life After Lockup.

As viewers have gotten to know more about Brittany and her life struggles week after week and month after month, her story has resonated with so many. Now, there is more to learn about where she came from and how she ended up where she was when she met Marcelino.

Family trip to Alaska

In this exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Brittany Santiago and her family are in Alaska. Her mom is along for the ride too and is the reason for the trip.

As the season has gone on, it is clear that Brittany wants to help her mom. The big question remains, does her mom want to help herself?

Her relationship with Cynthia has been strained. Brittany has confronted several of the demons associated with her mom and the life she had while in her care. In fact, she even brought her out to the field where she would sleep as a teen after she left home.

Now, Brittany, her mom, and the rest of her family are headed to see Cynthia’s mom, Jackie. The interesting thing is she is referred to by her name, not my grandma or mom. Just Jackie.

During the clip, Brittany is heard referring to her as grandma Jackie while talking to Gio, but that was it. As it goes on, it is clear that confronting her demons is going to be tough for Cynthia, and Jackie is apparently one of them.

What’s next for Brittany and Cynthia?

In previews for upcoming episodes, Brittany and Cynthia are standing outside of what was once a house. It may even be the place where her mom got hurt and burned.

She even asks if Cynthia did it on purpose. This is a heavy storyline, one that has Life After Lockup viewers roped in. They are rooting for Brittany and the progress she has made in her life for herself.

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if Brittany Santiago can help her mom get back on track and back to a sober life. She wants that more than anything, and with her children getting bigger, it is a must if Cynthia wants to be involved with her family in any capacity.

To see how everything plays out, be sure to tune in.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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