Leslie Fhima on The Golden Bachelor: What to know about the Fitness instructor going to Hometowns

Leslie Fhima on The Golden Bachelor
Leslie Fhima made it to Hometowns on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Leslie Fhima stood out from the other ladies on The Golden Bachelor right from the start.

This fitness instructor from Minneapolis stayed out of the drama and kept her eye on the prize — that prize being Gerry Turner and his heart.

Now, she’s in the top three as we head to the Hometown Dates, and she gets to introduce Gerry to her friends and family.

We still don’t know if she’ll win and get a proposal, as that hasn’t been spoiled yet.

At 64 years old, Leslie falls in the middle, with Theresa being the oldest at 70 years old and Faith the youngest at 60.

The remaining women are phenomenal, though, and have the energy of a woman decades younger.

And all three have managed to form lasting connections with Gerry Turner, making his decision on who stays and who goes harder with each passing week.

What to know about Leslie Fhima on The Golden Bachelor

Leslie Fhima is a fitness instructor who has been a personal trainer for over 16 years. She’s also an aerobics champion and has run ten marathons, making her a great companion for Gerry, who is also athletic and has shared his love of pickleball with the ladies.

She was previously married to a restauranteur, the same field Gerry retired from — again making her a compatible choice for The Golden Bachelor lead.

Leslie’s claim to fame is that she dated Prince when she was much younger. It has even been claimed that he wrote Sexy Dancer about The Golden Bachelor cast member and that she broke up with Prince when she went on a European tour.

Like the other women, Leslie is a proud mom and “Glama,” sharing photos of herself with her family often on Instagram.

She loves to support her grandson’s hockey adventures and even dances on Instagram with her granddaughter.

Leslie kept things low-key on the show, but in life, she is adventurous, fun, and loves to keep moving.

She’s shown off photos of herself surfing, snowboarding, and dancing, proving that she’s still got it.

The Golden Bachelor viewers want The Golden Bachelorette and argue over who should be the lead

As this premiere season of The Golden Bachelor winds down, it seems all but confirmed that a Golden Bachelorette season will be happening.

At least if viewers and Jesse Palmer have anything to say about it.

The question now is — who should be the first lead?

If you ask the viewers, they’ll give you all kinds of answers, with the very first calls for Joan Vassos to take the helm after she went home early to be with her daughter and newborn grandchild.

Then, after Gerry sent Susan, Ellen, and Sandra home, calls for all three to be the first lead took over Twitter as The Golden Bachelor viewers debated who the first female lead should be.

With just five more episodes left — Hometown Dates, Fantasy Suites, the finale, Women Tell All, and After the Final Rose — we hope an announcement is coming soon.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Debra Ordway
Debra Ordway
8 months ago

I’m so appreciate to see the Golden Bachelor has given us a opportunity no matter how older we may be there hope for true love Boulder Colorado

8 months ago

I believe Therasa will be his pick because of there ages and the fact they both have survived death of spouses. They both are comforters and to each other they will be side by side. . Either of the other two are very much younger.. I am not sure in 5 years when Gerry is 77 they want to sit and confort him. But I believe Threasa would be right there. Lifestyles change as Time goes by these younger women will change in time but not as soon as Gerry may need them to.