Lauren Swanson spotted with a baby bump in leaked baby shower photo

Lauren Swanson in a Counting On confessional.
Lauren Swanson spotted with a baby bump. Pic credit: TLC

Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar went dark following the cancellation of Counting On.

The couple took part in the show while courting. Their wedding and lives were documented through the birth of their daughter Bella in 2019.

Once things with Josh Duggar were outed, they seemingly dipped out and wiped their social media clean. It was bizarre, mainly because they all seemed close with the other siblings, but they took the chance to lead a more private life.

Their second child was born sometime in 2022, as in the Duggar Christmas video, it was revealed they had a little girl named Daisy. The couple was also shown in the Duggar fall video shared by one of the siblings. They were on a hayride and very clearly had a baby with them and their firstborn, Bella.

Earlier this year, a baby registry for Lauren Swanson was discovered. The baby’s due date was listed at the beginning of May, making the little one the third child for the couple.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Lauren and Josiah welcoming a baby boy makes sense based on comments Jim Bob Duggar made regarding Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby boy being grandchild number 30 and Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu’s daughter being the tiebreaker for more boys or girls.

Lauren Swanson’s baby shower photo

On TikTok, a fundie snarker, mrskickstand, received a photo from a baby shower that showed Lauren Swanson with a visible baby bump.

She was posing with her sisters-in-law, including Hannah Wissmann and her baby girl Brynley, Katey Nakatsu, who was also sporting her baby bump, and Abbie Grace Burnett, holding her little one, Charlie.

The baby shower reportedly took place in April, which makes sense given the timeline on the baby registry.

On TikTok, mrskickstand confirmed the tip she got about the shower was that it was held in April. The photo she shared was just recently sent to her.

Comment confirming shower was in April.
Pic credit: @mrskickstand/TikTok

Who will get pregnant next?

As of now, Katey Nakatsu is the only one pregnant, which isn’t even a sure thing. She may have welcomed her second child with Jedidiah Duggar and just not announced it yet. They are working on getting more attention to their vlogs, and a baby announcement is one way to do it.

Given that Jim Bob Duggar only mentioned Jed and Katey while speaking about grandchildren to Joy-Anna Duggar, it seems no one else is expecting.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are the only married couple without children yet. They have seemingly stepped out of the spotlight, too.

Jessa Duggar is likely the next one to announce a pregnancy after revealing she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.

At this point, though, there are no new pregnant Duggars.

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9 months ago

Can you guys do a post of the duggars showing the couples & grandkids? Hard to keep up after show was cancelled.