Jessa Duggar reveals miscarriage through tears

Jessa Duggar upset over her loss
Jessa Duggar is heartbroken over the loss of her baby. Pic credit: Jessa Seewald/YouTube

Jessa Duggar has been the target of pregnancy rumors for months.

They began around her birthday in November when she posed in front of Krispy Kreme donuts with her belly hidden.

The Counting On star had seemingly missed some significant family events, which included gender reveals (for Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu’s second child and Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s third child), Thanksgiving, and even the Duggar ugly sweater party. This left Jed to be the one who filmed the events, which all makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

Jessa shared a YouTube video explaining her absence. She began the video by sharing footage of her and Ben Seewald telling their four children they were expecting again.

Things didn’t go as planned, though.

Jessa explained some things she was experiencing with the pregnancy, including being incredibly sick through her first trimester and experienced some spotting just before she hit her second trimester.

Jessa Duggar reveals second miscarriage

Jessa Duggar scheduled an ultrasound following the spotting, which lasted roughly 24 hours.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t good news.

Jessa had Ben Seewald with her, and they learned that the baby wasn’t as big as it should be, despite the sac being a good size. The baby was no longer viable, and she could not carry it to term.

Due to her previous hemorrhaging issues, her doctor didn’t think she should take medicine to miscarry at home. So, Jessa had to undergo a D&C, which is a common practice after a missed miscarriage.

This is the second miscarriage for Jessa and Ben. They lost a baby in 2020 before becoming pregnant with their youngest child, Fern.

Jessa Duggar grieves her loss, looks for answers

The YouTube video revealed Jessa Duggar in a very raw and emotional state.

The Duggar daughter hasn’t shared emotions openly. She is typically stoic, but this time, it was different.

Jessa had tears as she discussed what happened and her questions following the loss. She took comfort in the book of Job, citing some parts of scripture which helped her get through the loss.

She also revealed that she was getting bloodwork done to see if she had some clotting issues, as some of her other family members have. Joy-Anna Duggar talked a bit about the condition, which could have contributed to her loss. Jessa didn’t have any answers yet, but she is holding on to hope that something will show up as she has constantly wondered if she did something that caused the loss of her would-be fifth child.

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Connie Little
Connie Little
1 year ago

Only God can give life and Only God can take life. His will be done and give comfort to the grieving.

Virginia Banks
Virginia Banks
1 year ago

I’m so very sorry. I lost my first baby when in my 7th month of pregnancy. A little girl that’s in heaven that I never got to see or hold.. it broke my heart , so I know the heart breaking feeling. My prayers are that God will give you peace & comfort as only He can. Stay strong in the Lord, He will give you many blessings.