Kyle Richards has ‘mixed feelings’ about Crystal Minkoff’s exit as Annemarie Wiley throws shade

RHOBH stars Kyle Richards and Crystal Minkoff screenshot
Kyle Richards speaks on Crystal Minkoff’s RHOBH exit. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is cleaning house for Season 14.

First Annemarie Wiley was fired after only one season and most recently we got word of Crystal Minkoff’s exit.

Fans of the franchise have mixed reactions to Crystal’s departure and her former castmate Kyle Richards has “mixed feelings.”

As for her nemesis Annemarie, she shared a shady post about “karma” moments after the news went public.

The mom of two didn’t share whether she left the show of her own accord or if she was fired, but all signs point to the latter.

Before she posted the official news on her Instagram page, sources had already shared with the media that the network did not renew Crystal’s contract for Season 14.

Here’s why Kyle Richards has mixed feelings about Crystal Minkoff’s RHOBH departure

During a recent Amazon Live Kyle answered questions about RHOBH and one of her followers asked for her feedback on Crystal’s exit.

“You know, it’s sad, it made me sad of course,” responded Kyle. “I don’t know, I have kind of mixed feelings not because of her.”

The RHOBH star explained her comment noting, “I’m like yes, I know, you know it’s probably disappointing but also like life’s great without reality television too so, it’s not like ‘oh my God poor Crystal.'”

“She has a great family… she’s gonna be great,” added the OG.

Speaking of RHOBH exits, there’s been a lot of speculation that Kyle might quit the show after her roughest season yet.

The 55-year-old has already said she’s still unsure whether she wants to return, and she was asked about that again during the Amazon Live.

“Looks like you are rejoining RHOBH,” said the commenter.

“Does it?” responded Kyle laughingly.

“I haven’t said anything yet,” she added. “I know there’s reports online that I’m not coming back, I’m coming back, that conversation actually is TBD.”

Annemarie Wiley throws shade at Crystal Minkoff

Meanwhile, Annemarie Wiley was at home cackling at the news that Crystal was fired – after getting her walking papers a few weeks prior.

Once the news hit social media, Annemarie shared a post on Instagram that said “Idc how good you play victim that karma gone still tea your a** up 😂😂.”

Annemarie Wiley post on X
Annemarie Wiley quote. Pic credit: @annemarie_wiley/X

If you felt the post was coincidentally posted soon after Crystal announced her RHOBH departure, think again.

Annemarie boldly added “#rhobh” with her quote, ensuring people knew her post was about Crystal.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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